There are no complaints here about the current double-sided sleeves?

I’m shocked…

I went to Best Buy for Dynex double-sided sleeves to fit a 6 by 6 1/2 inch filebox. I then had to return the sleeves because they were too narrow.

When a DVD was inserted on each side, the tightness, (and the tension) caused stretch marks across the plastic pockets on both sides. The DVDs were pinched in, and so tight, that I was sure they would warp and become un-readable.

So I purchased Case Logic sleeves on-line… they’re better quality, but they’ve got stretch marks too, and I’m not sure my DVDs will survive. Thank you, Case Logic and Dynex… Next batter please ! Let’s get a hit.


My old stock of good sleeves are nearly a 1/4 of an inch wider than either Dynex or Case Logic. My old stock just happens to be the same width as those very cheap sleeves from Asia, which are the right width, not 5 inches, but over 5 inches.

So what gives with these sleeves ? A hanging sleeve in a filebox at Target had the right width, but there were no refills. A search online turns up nothing of value… Heck, I need more sleeves. Where are the good sleeves ?