There and Back Again

I have been really sick lately. I don’t know if I can say sick as I was misdiagnosed and carried Lyme for 2 years before I was put on massive anti-biotics which sent me into Colitis Dificile… I though I was past it but I was admitted into the hospital (from my Doctors office for "Intractable Pain) 14 days ago. I spent 48 hours on a Dilaudid drip and 60 mg. of Morphine every 4 hours and Toradal, which decreased the inflammation in my Brain… I got over the hump at the end (which was when they sent me home).

One week ago, I woke up at 4a.m. and had complete Amnesia. I did not understand what the room I was in was (my bedroom). My wife was sleeping with my 10 year old as he had a belly ache. I did not know who I was, where I was, why I was (still don’t know that!). It seemed that the world was that room. I could remember fear though and I experienced copious amounts of it. My wife heard me screaming “What is this?” and came into the room and I did not know who she was. My extremely caring loving wife comforted me and slowly it all came back. I went back to sleep (bad idea I found out later, Doctor said to call the Ambulance immediately if there is another incident) and the next day I could think but could not vocalized what I wanted to say as the base of my Brain hurt too much when I tried to talk.

I went to the Doctor and they immediately hospitalized me again for 2 days but no one knows what happened. I am afraid to go to sleep and only go when I can no longer stay up.

I felt like I need to write this down. I really have missed posting here. If I fall of the radar, well, it may be related to what is going on. If I have ever offended anyone here, I beg your forgiveness. I hold malice towards no one. Thanks.:frowning:

Oh my I’m so sorry to hear that you are having to go through this rough time
just have faith that it will all get better soon. :iagree:

Hey man…I wondered where you were.

You´ve had a helluva hard time. Glad to hear that you´ve made it back, and hope that you continue to get better. Maybe hard to do right now but if you can try to stay positive and cool about what you have…a good wife, friends, the gang here (oh well…we try eh), it could help you to get through this.

Keep the rubber on the road good sir.
Keep in touch

Hey Zathros , Sorry to hear about your illness .
We’ve posted some together & share an interest in weapons & making things.
Take this as a layman’s suggestion & if you want check with your doctor first.
I think your doctor will say it won’t hurt you but he won’t say it will help either.
Eat plenty of garlic especially raw. The don’t call it "Russian penicillin " for no reason.
It’s also good for the circulation.
When I have a cold,flu, or anything I think an antibiotic would help I go to garlic first.
I put a whole head in one can of cooked Ranch Style beans .The only cooking the garlic gets is from that heat. I add it to the bowl raw.
If you try this I hope your wife can take it. This will usually make you smell like garlic as you sweat it out.

@deanimator , Keep the rubber on the road good sir. Is that some Red Green philosophy ?

Hey we miss you buddy,sorry about the trouble you have been having sounds like more stuff than ten people can handle.I wish you well and hope for better days for you.Were thinking of you and like the other guys say keep the rubber on the road.

Thanks very much. you all! Cholla, I actually eat massive amounts of Garlic. As I do all the coking in the house, the first 2 ingredients of everything I cook is Garlic and Onions.

My wife is forbidding me from doing anything and rest seems to help. Maybe something is healing, I don’t know. I have to get the Occipital Implant taken out because a trace of scar tissue is causing the leads to act like a short circuit. It will cost around $30K and I don’t have the 20% co-pay so this is a problem. I may be able to get my Neurosurgeon to take it out as an emergency as they believe the scar tissue is pulling on the Occipital Nerves.

In reality, other than the medical stuff, I have a great life.:iagree: A little scary sometimes, but that rounds out the experience.

Below is what I have implanted, except that the 4 leads are attached to the Occipital Nerves at the base of my Brain. I was in the first group of 20 people to get it in the U.S about 5 years ago. The Lyme Disease is what has caused the scar tissue to form and has subsequently rendered this otherwise wonderful device useless.:a

I wish you luck Zathros it’s amazing what science has done over the years to help improve things ,but I know doctors say thier just practicing medicine it’s no excuse for missing the cause.

Just saw the Neurologist. The consensus is the implant is pulling on the Occipital Nerves probably due to scar tissue. I am not sure how much the insurance will cover, but I believe most people are gong through these kind of things (in some way shape or form) so I just go with the flow.:Z

Hey Zathros how you doing ,how about a update you still on the mend ?If you don’t want to answer it’s fine.Your friend

Only noticed this now, I want to wish you all the best with recovering Zathros :flower:

I am doing well, very well. I was offline as my computer got hit with a spike and it took me a while to find a power supply, (at the dump, for free that is). I actually found a really nice 750 Watt PSU that had some pretty blue led lighting built in. People in Connecticut throw away almost anything!:iagree:

I am getting 2 epidurals, Thoracic and Lumbar, on Nov. 5th so that should provide some relief.:bigsmile:

Thanks all for the nice thoughts.:clap:

I purchased an AMD X4 955 and an MSI 870-G45 board, and a XFX Radeon HD4670 for my new computer, for around $400.:confused: Still saving pennies for the rest (computer case hard drive, case), getting close. My old computer still works (It has 2 ,500G hard drives and 1 160G, AMD 3700 64 ASUS K8v SE Deluxe, ATI X800 256), very long in the tooth but still working great, so I am hoping to build a new machine without sacrificing the old. I am using money from my car insurance company (a tree fell on my car:eek:, I fixed it, and kept the money:D) ha Ha HA !!:bigsmile:

I’m glad your ok but I feel for you on the upcoming shots,but if they bring relief more power to ya.

[QUOTE=marloyd;2549813]I’m glad your ok but I feel for you on the upcoming shots,but if they bring relief more power to ya.[/QUOTE]

The needles used these days are hairlike in thickness. This is a plus of course. Because I suffer from a movement disorder, ( twitch ) I get a great huge dose of intravenous Valium, (self explanatory :iagree:). It usually takes around 3 to 8 hours before you get relief, depending on the inflammation but is is rather pronounced in it’s effect. Which is a good thing!:bow: I just hope my insurance pays most of it. I owe the hospital a lot but pay them very little every month. At the end of the year I negotiate the bill. Everything is negotiable. I wish more people would realize this. I often tell them that if they do not lower the balance I will have the procedure at a private facility the next town over. It works. They make what they call “adjustments”, after all, I would never imply they “overcharged” me. That would be confrontational, not a good tactic when you are trying to get somebody to give you a break (even though we all know they gorge you).

Wow really sorry to hear about all your troubles Zathros.

I hope everything works out okay and best wishes for your recovery. :flower:

Let’s hope that the insurance company pays out.