Ther simpsons hit & run securom *new* v4.85.07.0027

why can’t i successfully backup up the simpsons hit&run
ive tried the clonecd/blindwrite/twinpeak method and when the burn process is around 96% an error appear

is there anything that can burn the simpsons
pls help

Have you followed the guides here? Does this raise any doubts about anything?

What is the error in each case? Surely not all programs fail at 96%?

Have you tried different media? A slower burning speed? Are you making your own .BWA?

As i couldn’t find a bwa of simpsons hit and run anywhere i was forced to make my own this is the result

I can’t even make a BWA file for Simpsons Hit & Run on my PC…I keep getting “too many errors”. Would you mind posting yours, mcamsc11, so I can grab it and see if I have any better luck burning it?

AS i said before an error occurs using the philamber method
it gets to about 96% and then this appears
ERROR: writing to cd failed illegal request:command sequence error (5;0x2c:0x00)

i used clonecd to make a image of cd1 on the normal Game cd profile (not protected game profile) and then i patched the image using twinpeak then with the patched.ccd i used clone cd to burn it to cd
really stuck need help

Try Alcohol 120% or GameJack using the DPM feature.

so should i use the patched image and burn using alcohol120 but how do i use the dpm feature

Alcohol is really easy to use. Start it. Bung in the original and fire up the “Image Making Wizard” (top left under “Main”)

From the “Datatype” (bottom left) choose “Securom *NEW (V4.x)”

Easy so far, huh?

You’ll see that “Data Position Measurement (Precision: High)” is ticked! In fact, all the correct options are ticked :wink: It gets even easier, too. Click “Next >”. If it’s greyed out then choose the correct reader from the “CD/DVD Device:

The image name will have been ripped from the disc, just make sure that your path is correct. The image format type can’t be changed either. To play this disc, you will need Alcohol running on the PC where the game is.


Next step is to burn it. The image burning wizard link is just below the Image Making Wizard link. Choose the same profile for the burn as for the read. You’ll see that Burn “RPMS”… is ticked

All sorts of good stuff here

hi i tried doing this but it didnt work, anyone got any advice for backing up the simpsons game?
Where can i get alcohool 120% from too?

hmmm didn’t gamecopyworld say it was just overburn?

The Simpsons Hit And Run


Protection= SecuRom

Oh and this thread is 10 months old…

i made a 100% perfect bwa of disc 1, download…



ben :slight_smile:

hey so its’ securom 4.whatever on all 3 cds? I just got the game… :smiley: lol
Thanks in advance

what’s a bwa?