ik ben op zoek naar een cd met theme’s
voor mijn desktop

iemand een suggestie

wil best ruilen
heb de stars wars limited edition

may the force be with you


Hey you don’t need a cd for that.
Just go to Yahoo or ilse or any other
search engine then just type themes and
the whole shit comes through…
Themes all over the place. And free!!


Yes that´s right, were do you need a cd for.
You can get free themes evrywhere. Try Tucows and or search with any major search engine. A lot of people also make themes theirselves, it´s real easy and you can do it too. If you´ll search you will really find themes about evrything. And please speak in English, cause this forum is not only for dutch people :slight_smile:




yes i know
but tucows even sell those cd’s
so was wondering i’ve somebody has got one

may the force be with you