Hey every one,I am having a big question mark over my head,how can I change the theme of my desktop and make it loooook better,I read some information abouut how to change the desktop theme twice in some webs, and I had to format it twice,if anyone have an idea bout PLz informe me, what is the perfect solution.

I have no idea how to change themes, but I think that it is useful to know what operative system you are using :slight_smile:

If you are using Linux with KDE desktop, take a look here :slight_smile:

thank you for your reply, but I use windows xp,I don’t know if you meant another thing.
Thanks again for your try.

Do you want to switch to one of the alternatives supplied with XP, or one of the third-party applications like ‘[I]WindowBlinds[/I]’?

Just Google the word to find more information.

NooO,I aint taht ignorant ofcourse LOLL, but I am looking for a third party one exactly like windows blinds,and know how to add more themes for it.

I suggest that if you want further help then you need to be more specific about your requirements. Or, rather than us trying to guess what you want; you can go do some searching for yourself.

Thank you for your reply , you made me glad with it.

There is a cd called Windows XP Plus! I use it after every install. It had a lot of Themes and screen savers and other utilities. After installing it, just right click on the desktop and click Theme, and the drop down will show a lot of them to choose from. The accompanying screen saver will be automatically installed or you can choose each separately. Also in the system 32 folder, you can add your own desktop or screen saver.

I’ll look for it then, Thanks…