Theaters threaten to kill trailers for movies going to Premium VOD

Theaters threaten to kill trailers for movies going to Premium VOD.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Despite new MPAA boss Christopher Dodd's assurance that he has the best interests of the movie industry in mind and recent findings from a research firm that suggest the overall impact of Premium VOD on box office numbers will be negligible, owners remain leery of the fledgling service. But with ticket sales for 2011 already down, even a minor threat seems voluminous for affected theater chains. AMC has pledged new programs to drive folks back to the multiplex as others threaten to block trailers of upcoming films chosen for the still-nascent Premium VOD program. Is this much ado about nothing, or are theater owners rightfully worried?

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It is kind of nice to go to a theatre to see a flick, however with how much they charge for pop/popcorn, even if the VOD costs the same amount as two theatre tickets, you’ll save a fortune by not buying munchies.

This will probably help the Theatres.
Imagine not having to sit through 30-45 minutes of garbage before
watching the main 2 hours of garbage.
(tis ALL that Hollywierd is producing these days)
Now if the Studios could only figure out that by removing the 45 minutes
of Trailers on every BluRay they could actually increase sales.

I agree with the others. Also, it’s been many years since I watched a movie at the theare (I’d guess at least 8-12 years). There are 3 main reasons.

Cost of admission
Cost of snacks and drinks
Amount of crap I must sit through before the main attraction.

I can’t imagine how much worse things are now.

Another turn off for me is how damn loud they keep the volume and I have moderate hearing loss.

I would rather wait for the movie to appear on regular television even though it is then full of advertising. At least the ads allow me to use the restroom, have a smoke and grab another beer. Actually, with the amount of ads I could easily be drunk before the movie is half way finished.

All the movie theatre needs to do is just lower the price. This is the first time in years that the theatre that I go to didn’t raise the prices for tickets.

It’s been over 20 years since I went to a theater…but price is only one part of the issue.

Often, films are made with the music too loud and the dialogue too muted. DVDs have closed captioning. Need I say more about that…?

Control of the film - with a DVD I decide when I watch it, and when I pause it. I go back to check on an earlier scene, or fast-forward through nonsense should I prefer.

Atmosphere - at home, whether settled in alone or entertaining friends, few theaters, with phones ringing, people talking, babies crying, teenagers acting out, long lines, etc., can compete with the harmony of a home.

Add in high ticket and refreshment prices, and you have to wonder how theaters stay in business at all?

Home Theater + Pause Button + Volume Button + My Kitchen + My Clean Bathroom + My Big Soft Sofa…Need I say More☺

HTPC + 47" TV + NetFlix + Amazon Prime + RedBox = No big loss if the movie sucks. A couple of clicks and I can try a different (hopefully better) one…