Theaters react to DVD movies at home with Cinema de Lux

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      With the cost DVD movies dropping in price and theater tickets  continuing to climb, it's no surprise that there are empty seats at the local  cinema these days. Too bad too,...
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if they added served meals for the movie, that would get me back in the theatre. some limits though 1. it doesnt disrupt the movie (low lights that dont GLARE the screen image) 2. it doesnt cost any more than my standard restaurant ($8 for chicken fingers and fries is enough to pay already) 3. serve alcohol then the $20 for the movies isnt that bad movie + dinner + beer

We use to have a Madstone Theater in town that took over an old General Cinema multiplex. Medium size screens, similar to the old mall theaters, but in a stand alone building. They tried a similar concept for a couple of years before folding. High quality snack bar, tables and reading areas in the ticketing area, a person that would introcude the film before it started, independent films aimed at adults instead of high schoolers. That last point was the problem. While I enjoyed the few times I went there, adults who might go to a movie once a month don’t pay the freight. When they tried to broaden the audience by bringing in more mainstream films - even ones that would only appear for a few days at the competing megaplex, they ran into exclusivity agreements between the distributors and companies like Century.

travelguy makes good points.

With a 65" HD Sony Widescreen at home, Im one of those waiting for the DVD to be released… While the movie experience is great, Im not to far away from it given my home entertainment setup… Get a nice audio system and a big screen and your experiencing the same thing practically… And if I do spring for an occassional movie, its a matinee… Not only is it cheaper, but depending on the time and day, the available seating is better…

Alot of things have fallen out of the mainstream as new technologies usurp them. Cinemas are extinct! Never again will someone kick the back of my chair, talk, or answer a phone while I’m watching a movie. Cinemas can try anything to entice patrons back but it’s a losing game… They just can’t compete with the home theater!!!

If they want to survive they have to build up a real difference between HT solutions and the cinema experience. I’ll be glad to go to a cinema where I can see the latest Sci-Fi (something like Star Wars III) with outstanding audio and a full HD video on a screen which is 30 meters high. You can have what you want at home but a 30h screen is really expensive and does not fit in a normal living room… :d

More distractions… from I know a great teacher that called TV and the like an “idiot box” when talking about people in the classroom. Most sit in front of the moving pictures, absorbing all it’s messages. Are our thoughts original or should we copyright them? Over the years, the media has been dumbing down and entertainment lowering in quality, through observation. The trend tends to sway minds into shallow thinking collective cesspools designed to create a populace as a commodity, rather than truly rounded individuality. It is apparent on college campuses, if any have gone, by requiring extra unnecessary courses that instill educated ideals from teacher to student, supposedly. I’m going off tangent, but it is all linked; however weak that link may be. For the chains of life run deep throughout.:B

I agree with Freonchill. There are a couple of theaters like that in the DC area, or at least there were when I lived closer to DC. Both offered meals and at least the one had a micro brewery onsite so you could enjoy the homebrew beer or partake of a selection of the commercial beers while watching a movie. Two problems with those theaters, though, they did not play the latest movies so camping out for SW ahead of its release date (as soooo many nerds do) would be fruitless because its probably still not being shown there, yet and with one of the theaters (I have only visited the one), the food was mainly fast food type fair, hamburgers, hotdogs, fries, etc. A theater with a more rounded menu would be my choice, sort of like a menu from Ruby Tuesday’s (note: this was picked only because there are RT’s everywhere in the US, not because their food is exemplary) where you have the burgers but also someone can have a real meal, like a steak or chicken, or salmon, etc. I had always thought that this kind of movie theater would do well in many metro. areas.

Yea, but serving alcohol, as I know, makes ya rowdy and at home you can’t beat the pause button on DVD while you drain the snake. Biggest advantage over the theater.

The thing is, technology has become more affordable in the home. Look at video arcades today. They’re practically empty because the games there are really no better than what can be played in the home on a sub-£100/$200 games console. The gap in hardware capability between the home and the arcade is now relatively tiny. The same can be said for cinemas. I understand that you can’t have such a massive screen in most homes; but if you’re stuck at the back of the auditorium trying to peer over a tall dude or some lady with big hair then a plasma screen or good projector and screen at home will probably be perceptively the same size as its huge cinema counterpart and free from obstruction! Not to mention that the low quality, high priced fast food and snacks at cinemas are usually given a miss by at least half of the footfall in the cinema. At home, you can eat and drink whatever you fancy at less of a cost. The home experience might not be as good as a real cinema, but again, it’s getting closer, and the convenience more than makes up for that difference.
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the last time I went to the movies “star wars III” I spent just me and my wife 28 dollars on popcorn and drinks. Thats NOT including my tickets. Also, the conercials you have to deal with now going to the movies are insaine. I paid to see the movie not watch 1/2 hr of comercials and trailers.I couldnt belive it! I been spoiled with my HD 65 inch tv and Hardman Kardon/ infinity beta Audio. Even on the big my wife and I still prefer the 65 incher at home. $2.50 for a dvd rental is much better. I completely understand with you fokes that do not have the room, I made the room in my home! Even if you do not have room for a 65 inch screen 51 inch would do greatly. I say hell with the movie theaters

Even a 51cm at home on the telly seems good enough.

“If I’d only rented the video,” a not so famous quote by Pee Wee Herman…:B

Enough of the boastful willy waving! 51, 65 inch…pah. The fact is most people dont have the room or much more likely the money to afford such things. If you got the cash to burn on such things, the price of a cinema ticket (with or without pointless extras) isnt going to put a dent in your wallet anyhow.