Theaters boycott experimental 4 day DVD release window

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We knew it was coming, we just didn’t know who would do it and when. The dreaded “window”, which is the delay between the theater debut until the film is available online, cable,…

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I think this would very much indeed put pressure on the theatre business…but I think it would be interesting none the less. I would surely think that for theatres to compete…they would first have to lower prices. Why pay up to $12 a ticket to go into a movie, when you can buy the dvd for $20. Also, it may force them to lower prices on the already overcharged popcorn and soda. If you think about it, the theatres are a monopoly in themselves because they are the first places to ever get movie releases. So since in geneneral, monopolies are bad, why should this case be any different.

Well if you want to put it that way, maybe an oligopoly would be a better term to describe the theater market. The reason concession prices are so high is because theaters make little to nothing on ticket sales. Folks like George Lucas take in 100% of ticket sales, so any money theaters make are on food/drinks. This “day-and-date” dvd/movie release schedule might be something refered to as destructive economics if I remember correctly. Have to wait and see how this all plays out.

considering half of the time pirates have the movie (from a screener) for release before a movie hits theatres, i dont see why the theatres are mad about this? let think about it the theatre is like a kid the movie company is the parent the parent owns a store and the kid doesnt get his allowence when someone steals from the store the theatres are crying b/c they arent getting their allowance how about getting a job KID lets put some more respect back into the movie theatre system its not like you would go to a broadway play and talk or leave your celfone on but thats about all you get when you go to the theatre’s these days

The movies will be pirated faster. They already DVD’s from pressing before they go on sale in stores. Now they will have them out on internet before they even reach store since they will get a press before it is ever in store. I like the idea I hate going to the theater with all the rude people and having to wait for it to come out on DVD. I wish they put all the previews on DVD so I knew what was coming out instead of just that producers next releases. I wish online video was more spread.

Attention theater owners and theater employees: Start looking for a new career. Theaters will soon be a thing of the past.

Their time will never really run out. Guys will always ask women out on dates and, most times, they’ll go to dinner and a movie. I don’t see the theatres ever dying out. However, I used to go to the theatres all the time. Now, not so much - maybe once or twice a year. Why? Because I spent $3,000 on a sweet home theatre setup for my basement. Complete with dimmable pot lighting, fixed DLP overhead projector, 450 watts of Yamaha 6.1 surround, and a 7’ wide screen. The seats are 6 reclining leather chairs with matching ottomans. I can pause the movie and go make some popcorn if I want. There is nobody in front of me and no crying children around. The audio and video is absolutely crystal-clear. Why would I go to the theatre? I have a collection of over 600 retail DVD movies. My friends wonder why I buy them. Why the hell not? A new DVD movie is about $20 US. If you go to the theatre with your wife/girlfriend then you’ll pay at least $35 for tickets, popcorn, drinks and gas. At least I’ve purchased the movie and can watch it whenever I want. The theatres have their purpose, but the world is changing. Other people are buying into home theatres as well and the theatre owners had better make some changes soon. Start with dropping those crazy admission and popcorn prices. Just my two cents.

Maybe this is Hollywood’s way of trying to make as much money as the can from the crap they’re producing. If the number of people going to the movie theaters are anything like the downloads I see from **b sites Hollywood is in BIG trouble.

First of all. Tickets are $12 because the whiny ass actors are getting paid 10 to 20 million per picture. And regarding concession prices. Because of the studios greed when negotiating prices (70% to 30% average) the theatres make their profit on concession items. The little profit they make on ticket sales barely covers operating costs. So. Lower the whiny ass’s salaries and everything else falls into line.

in the theaters defence, i think maybe 4 days is taking the piss a little. sure bring them out sooner but maybe like a month after the theater release. its better than there usual crap of waiting most of the year and releasing it a christmas which really pisses me off, like LOTR used to do. i don’t go to the theater much, i think my reasons are the same as everybody elses. i don’t have an expensive setup in my home, in fact i’m a student and i have a 21" television with a 2 speaker setup, but for me, thats a better experience than going to the crappy theater.

The theatre’s can boycott all they want but the movie studioos are holding the upper hand. DVD sales allready surpass box office receipts. and that is for movies that dont come out on DVD until months after the theatrical release.

I recently saw King Kong after eschewing theaters for years and it just reafirmed my opinion that even the best movie theaters are dirty, smelly, noisy, uncomfortable and inconvenient in addition to being overpriced. One would assume that the A/V experience could outweigh or at least balance against the negatives but it does not. Sure, the picture was okay but the sound was actually too loud and muddy compared to nice and loud but clear with a modest HT. As for the movie itself, the action was often so over-the-top and drawn out as to be boring. If it was the first and only film a viewer was to see then such may be passable but personally it took me out of the moment. I agree that Hollywood actor fees are certainly part of the problem if not the root. With the increase in world markets good films should have no problem making huge profits (and I think they do). But certainly the increase in consumers’ choices negatively impact theaters. It has been said in recent years that theaters are increasingly being seen an element of the marketing process as their part in studio profits wanes and of course it has long been said that theaters are merely in the concession business. Ticket prices alone are difficult to justify versus rental but concession prices are simply insulting. Really, they just foster bad-will with the customer. So perhaps the studios should be supporting theaters more with lower fees since they are effectively representing them and their product to the customer. Ideally, theaters would then pass on the savings and with concession prices reduced as well, be able to make the same or even more profits on volume of customers who no longer hesitate to go because they feel like they are being robbed. Capping actor fees may be overdue as well in order to rebalance the decisions made in favour of art versus business. If theater fees and thus ticket fees were significantly variable based upon studio costs then that would also make a direct relationship in the customers’ minds and avoid passing the blame for high prices to the theater or the studio. I think people would happily pay variable prices and likewise also go to the theater more to see smaller budget movies and likewise consider more carefully if they want to spend more on the big budget ones. The horrible trend of ever-higher big-budget gambles pandering to the lowest-common-denominator would thus be broken. Again, I believe customers will spend more (less, but more frequently) if they feel they are getting good value.

This wont change anything for me. I stoped going to the movies a long time ago. Living in the metro Detroit area, one of the many areas in which I’ve lived, the theaters are pretty bad. Cell phones galore and people talking on them, the people yelling at the movie screen and each other, etc. (not laughter or anything else that would be remotely acceptable)… No loss here, maybe this will force movie theaters to a higher quality standard and attract a higher class of people such as a play or what not. I yearn for the day like when I was a little kid watching StarWars the first time in the movies, no phones, no rude people, just a good movie and a good time. AND NOT PAYING TO WATCH AD’S!!!

Here in Belgium, we have movie theaters like Euroscoop(“oh” not “oeh”). They charge 5.5€ for an average movie, 4€ on a Tuesday. Sound and image is almost the best I’ve ever seen in a theater, the seating is great, it doesn’t smell and is A/C’ed. Although food prices are high (2€ for a bottle of soda, 2€ for a bag of chips), the experience and satisfaction is also good. But we also have the bigger cinema chain, called Kinepolis. Which puts you down for almost 8€ for an average movie, with ripped/torn seats that aren’t very comfortable, too cramped of a space, even higher food prices and in my opinion, bad sound and video quality. So it really depends on how much the theaters are ripping you off…
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I’m agoraphobic but I’d keep going to the cinema if they got some heated leather seats in there. :g

Heated leather evokes hot stink :r I think we are better off enjoying the comforts of home. Oh and the ads… it has been so long since I went to a movie theater that it was novel but totally unsurprising to see ads running while the lights were up only to be followed by yet more ads when the lights dimmed. Years ago, I did not frown upon a legitimate trailer or two and a cartoon would be considered a bonus but it is a bit much nowadays when a given showtime must be considered a lie and if you really want to be on-time you must arrive twenty minutes later but then also be limited in seating options if at a peak day/time. Without significant changes the average theater will continue to suffer and I agree that there is a niche for a different clientele who would happily pay more for a more personal and comfortable experience, seperate adults-only rooms and a strict policy against electronic devices. Annual memberships might be a good way to guarantee revenue as well keep some of the riff-raff out :wink: I could imagine being lured back to theaters by such an expericence, especially to a repertoire one which played only international classics and popular titles like imdb’s top 250 rather than the Hollywood slop of the week.

to give the movie “Bubbles” some credit HDnet did produce the movie so why shouldn’t they play it on there own channel? This is more of a problem with one company then the entire movie industery right now

While i am here in Korea they have booked seating like one would get from a convert or sporting event. You are assigned instead of first come first serve like back in the U.S. You also can reserve your tickets online in advance even before the show premieres.

The reason I don’t go to theatres is that it never fails that there is that jack ass who can’t seem to keep his/her mouth shut or doesn’t know how to turn off their cellphone. Not to mention the price for a damn movie! There hasn’t been a good movie in a loooong time. I’m sorry but I wait until a good TC or TS is out and then MAYBE I download it. Other than that I hate going to the theatre

It has to be an exceptional movie that benefits a lot on the big screen. I have a home theater with projector so if they do quick DVD releases I’ll have no reason at all to go.