Theater owners rejoice as Universal Pictures axes aggressive 'Tower Heist' VOD project

Theater owners rejoice as Universal Pictures axes aggressive ‘Tower Heist’ VOD project.

[newsimage][/newsimage]A heated tiff between the National Association of Theater Owners and Universal Pictures has fizzled out. The movie studio quashed plans this week to bring its upcoming movie "Tower Heist" to the home video on-demand space less than a month after its big screen debut.

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$60? They gotta be nuts.

Maybe Universal got confused and thought it was the [I]other[/I] NATO organization threatening to attack them? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well…lets see,

I can go to a movie with the wife and spend $14.00 on tickets…maybe 25 on popcorn and pop and stuff…

total= 39.00

or I can pay 59.00 to watch it at home…on a smaller screen, make my own popcorn…fill my glass with my own pop…and run to the conveniance(sp?) store for whatever esle the wife wants (ie. minimints…etc…).


they’re so out of touch…what else can I say…

$60.00! Are they out of their minds?

I would not pay $60. for a video rental. Nor for that matter would I pay $15. to sit in a theather to see the same movie, while being subjected to the usual idiots one encounters in theathers. Will wait for DVD thank you and watch it on my large screen hi-def screen in the confort of my own home.