The Zebra AND Crew - mod and why => Mod your Lite-On 401/411?



The simple answer: You have no guts! And; No guts - No glory.



5 min.? What’s the deal? => Noo.

Right answer: A Matter of Quality!

If you want to preserve something for the future - like camrecordings of your life, childhood, kids, etc. -
quality does matter. And you have to preserve it on a proper media which today is a dvd.

Kprobe results:
All done with:
Kprobe1.1.28; 4/8ECC and max UNchecked,
Cheap Imation x4 +r => RICOHJPNR01 and
Booktyped to DVD-ROM, Nero 6.3 and
similar release date of firmware;
411:FS0H - @811:HS0K and burned at 4x.

Before modding and as a norm for my earliar burns (Kprope):
PI Max: 577, Average= 319.826
Po Max: 25, Average= 1.166
With an icehockeystick PO/PI at the the end of the scan

After modding done with MK4 (Kprobe):
(The 6th burning i.e. after 4 break in burns . Th 5th is similar)
PI Max: 152, Average= 52.909
Po Max: 95, Average= 0,045
With higher PI-values at the end and 1 PO-spike which I can’t see on the screen. But all all within AND well above the standards for a DVD.

Zebra AND Crew:
Thank you for doing the work Lite-On should have done regarding the quality aspect of the firmware!!

By the way: Is and down for the moment??



Im Z beta tester and yes their web pages are down , the atomic site seems to have server error and speedlabs is getting face lift should be up this weekend or by monday anyway.


no i cant hook you up with beta software patchs lol, but keep reading there is new mod in the works , newer then mk4.


Blah. Why should I do that? I’m happy, happy Lalalala. LOL

Ps. Aren’t you guys testing the alpha-version of the mod? Or am I wrong in that respect?


There has always been a ‘newer version’ coming out ever since it all started. I expect that this will continue for a few more months yet. The real fun will start when the 812’s and 8x -R writing firmware/EEPROM can be looked at… :stuck_out_tongue:


and hopefully by that time, we’ll have all recovered from and be ready for the new sessions of sleepless nights waiting on releases/launch parties :bigsmile:


I think my wife is really beginning to regret buying my this drive for Christmas, I’ve been spending way too much time on this stuff. I’m hooked!



Just tell her it’s a cheaper addiction than golf and safer than crack or hookers. And that stack of discs in the corner are for testing purposes only, it’s not really your porn collection.



Originally posted by wittangamo
safer than crack or hookers.

That should be LiteOn’s new motto!

[li]“Safer then crack or hookers!”[/ul]

If I told my wife that I’d probably come home to an emptied out house! :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe you should try to mod your wife ? :bigsmile:

Sorry, couldn’t resist :wink:


Tried that once. Was unable to get a decent probe for weeks.



We test all version of the mod before it gets release to public, alpha, beta , rc1,2,3


I know. And a version is finnished when it’s finnished. Right?
Beg for it? No. Wait? Yes

As seen in my first posting I’m very impressed with the results I achieved by using the mod.

I would also like to comment on the fact that Lite-On has not provided us with firmware so we could achieve quality burnings of DVD’s. This is - in my opinion - the legal basis for the consumers to take the matter in own hands and solve it by themselves; Zebra AND crew.


Man i just love hearin the success stories…

morradi… that’s exactly why the mod is residing in my liteon - the quality is soo much better than when it was just a liteon…

now that it’s a liteon-Z edition, i can actually burn well to sh*tty media, and get archival quality on good media :smiley: