The YouTube Video Thread!



My faith in the younger generation is partly restored.
Three young sisters from Mexico form a 3 piece rock band called The Warning.
Ali aged 12 (bass), Pau aged 14 (drums) Dani aged 16 (guitar and vocals).

in this video, they are playing one of their own original songs live at a rock festival in Mexico.

The little drummer is as cute as a button, and has some very serious drum skills.


Wap Bap, BaDaDeeDuhDuh


DVD-ROM was glorious in 1996.
1000 times faster than Internet.


Phone cameras sure have come on a long way - This is low light indoor footage on the HTC U11:

I was originally planning on buying a new camera for recording 4K video. Like higher resolution photos, this will let me crop in on video editing software and also deliver a much sharper 1080p rendering. However, with my OnePlus 2 phone being over 2 years old (the longest I had any phone), I was curious to see how low light video performance has come on and checked all the latest phones such as the LG V30, Samsung S8, Sony XZ Premium, etc.

I eventually settled on the HTC U11 with having minimal preinstalled bloat and pretty good video samples in the reviews. While trying to find low light clips (which the reviews seemed to neglect), I ran into the above video and that became the selling point for me. Had the video not mentioned what it was recorded on, I certainly would never have guessed it being shot on a phone! As for my camera, I’ll continue using my Sony DSC RX100 for photos as it was only the video quality I was looking to improve upon. Even my OnePlus 2 outperforms the camera on daylight footage, however, it’s not so great shooting video indoors or at night.


The giant image sensor, OIS and the large place of real camera of course demonstrates it’s biggest advantage in weak light conditions.



How not to test expensive high end CPU’s, when you’re impatient and have no heatsink . . . :upside_down_face:


I enjoy CQ.


I just watched a few gold digger pranks by HoomanTV and ulePranks.
:video_camera:Very entertaining.



Besides piano playing skill, I wonder how this guy manages to learn a vast number of complex fast paced music. Definitely the first time I spent an evening “binge watching” someone playing a piano. :smiley:


I really like Lord Vinheteiro.
His videos are highly creative.


Several years ago while testing a theme on Myce, I created some fake banner ads to use in the mock-ups. Rather than use real ads, I decided to create a few of my own, basically for something that stands out and a product that shouldn’t exist in case it went public. My bright idea ended up being just that …


… well, things sure have changed in a few years. Not only did we transition to LED light bulbs, there are LED filament light bulbs which did not exist at the time. Surprisingly, you can actually buy replacement LED filaments off eBay, although it beats me as to how one actually replaces them in a blown light bulb! :thinking:

Anyway, here’s a video where BigClive “attempts” to repair a blown LED filament bulb with a replacement filament and some sticky tape… :smile:


Got some old games laying around on floppy disk but only have your smartphone? :thinking:

Well, here’s how to play them on your modern smartphone, along with an old IBM keyboard. :wink:


Retro review of Kenwood UCR-421 - 72x CD-ROM drive:


I remember this drive, back in the day it cost to much, I went with a crappy philips 32x cdrom. The video is very interesting.