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That is awesome, and it shows what you really can do when you leave passionated engineers doing their job.
Yes nakamichi did that, both the Dragon and some RX decks were able to do that, but it cost a lot of money back then to buy a Nakamichi and the dragon was even more expensive, the only main negative now is that
there very few people that can properly service those kind of decks and
spare parts arent that easy to find.
Also you cant get any good quality cassettes, so lets enjoy what Nakamichi did back in the early 80’s and up to the early 90’s. It was a very cleaver idea, why spin the head and loose alignment when you can spin the tape?



Rugby isn’t a big sport outside of Europe, south American and Australia and New Zealand. But I love the sport. It’s full contact, and sometimes quite brutal.

But it’s the brilliance of some of the players that really attracts me to the sport.

Scotland full back Stuart Hogg is arguably the best full back in the world at the moment, aged 23 he’s nicked named Mr Speed. He is fast, but he’s got much more in his locker than just speed. He’s a big and very skilful player.

The opposition are drilled not to kick to Hogg, because if you do, this is what he’s likely to do.


I remember when I was in HS, there was a guy named Declan O’Shea , he was the toughest guy in the school, they begged him to play American football, but he refused, we didnt have a Rugby Team and that was his game, well to make the story short, all the other guys that looked p to him got together and made a Rugby Team and they actually played the college Teams, and did quite well I might add. It is a brutal sport to be sure. No sissys allowed.


Both Rugby and American football are brutal and dangerous sports.


Interesting electronics engineer reaction video to a snake oil energy saving wipe.



A rather clever DIY of re-using broken laptop screens that otherwise become eWaste:



[QUOTE=Seán;2775502]A rather clever DIY of re-using broken laptop screens that otherwise become eWaste:

Cool one Seán, thanks for sharing :flower:


Now this had me ROFLMAO



^Those fake popups are almost as annoying as the real Windows 10 popups. :stuck_out_tongue:


Before the magnetic tape was invented, wire recorders were used for recording dictation. There were very compact in comparison to the reel to reel machines that replaced them.

As for what killed the wire recorder - Have you ever gone fly fishing and had the dreaded bird’s nest? Well, just imagine trying to detangle that mess inside a wire recorder, especially if it was left unattended. :eek:



Thank you very much for sharing Seán. This was actually news for me as I did not know of the old technology at all :flower:
I did go fly fishing for salmon and trout years back though and so the bird’s nest is well known and hated :wink:


Have you ever heard the Star Wars theme played on a Floppotron?
No? Then here’s your chance!



^ Someone has WAY too much time on their hand - 10 points for creativity though

Floppotron indeed


Sega Saturn CD finally cracked after 20 years!



Its awesome :bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile:
Honest Trailers - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice



I think these guys need a faster camera… :bigsmile:



For anyone into vintage computing…

Operation/debugging of a 1959 magnetic tape drive:


How a 14" (356mm) Magnetic Disk was manufactured:



Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to change a light bulb . . .



Makes me dizzy just watching



[QUOTE=myke;2782055]Makes me dizzy just watching


I didnt want to that but its a great video. :slight_smile: