The YouTube Video Thread!



Scott Sterling!!!



Not enough time for a quick shower?

How about a bath. This one’s ready in 60 seconds. :slight_smile:



Airline safety presentation that does attract passengers attention.



Posted this in the catbox already, but needs to go in here too.

Rated R for language, subject and violence, but I thought it was pretty funny.



We take touch screens for granted these days.

This shows what an early model looked like in 1982 and a practical use:



Now that’s doing dishes!



You can make bread out of anything!.

Warning… weird and shocking. :slight_smile:




Voice activated elevator pranks. I like the quiz one… :bigsmile:



A 1982 Tomorrow’s World video on fingerprint technology for CSI - I love the hard disks used the video. I wouldn’t want one to fall on my toe! :eek:



This one went around work - An interesting card trick, but can no longer be repeated in most jurisdictions with a workplace smoking ban:



^That was hilarious! :bigsmile:




For anyone that likes birdwatching…

I took the cap of our nut feeder, set my camera up next to it and let it film away for a while, until the wind picked up and toppled the tripod. The various tits (blue, great and coal) kept climbing down inside the narrow feeder to grab the nuts directly. I’m sure some birds clung to the outside were probably wondering how they’re getting inside. I was even surprised just how quickly they go down and up without getting feathers trapped in the mesh.

The robin near the start flew to the camera and spent a while checking out various parts of the tripod as if it was a new bird perch. Pity a didn’t have a second camera to film that!





Extremely smoking diesel loco with tourist train. They were british rail fans who ordered a special train to have a ride on all Estonian public railways.



I’m sure most people have seen and used record players before. Maybe some of you had an 8-Track player…

Now, what about an 8-Track like tape that plays like a record? :slight_smile:



Never saw or heard of the Tefifon before. I’ll bet the recordings were expensive at the time.


It was a first for me as well.
I would like to listen to a Tefifon .
Live (not on YouTube ).
Probably never will though.
Cool invention.
One of those products too far ahead of it’s time.
At least that’s why I think it failed.


Definately a WTF??? kind of video: