The YouTube Video Thread!



Have have ever bought a coffee only to go :Z?

All you need is this coffee powered phone charger and you can put it to good use while on the lookout for a better café… :cool:


EDIT: I hope this is the video you meant to link. You accidentally pasted text in the YT tag…:flower:




A test-run and teardown of a 1997 Sony digital camera.

It had 10x optical zoom, a 0.3 Mexapixel sensor and a built-in floppy disk drive for storage. :slight_smile:



How to use the Internet in 1993:


I’ve never used the Gopher or Finger protocols before, but gave the Gopher a quick try now, which is an early text-based alternative to HTTP.

I first started using the Internet in 1997, so did a little Telnet and a fair amount of FTP from the command line. Most early browsers did not natively support FTP browsing from what I recall and most downloads at the time were provided over FTP. I used a dial-up connection up to 2005, with satellite assisted dial-up (300kbps) between 2003 and 2005.




Got a stack of coasters or other unwanted CDs? Turn them into Crow Distractors. :cool:


We’re having a terrible time with crows this year and had no luck with plastic strips, probably since crows attack bin bags anyway and are not put off seeing flapping plastic, so tried this alternative trick I came across. They sure look nifty hanging in the trees, particularly from a distance, although hopefully our fruit is ready for picking before the crows catch on. We already lost all our cherries to the birds.


Love the music you put with your video Se’an and the disc didn’t stop them ?On the other hand it might attract them,they like shinny stuff.
I heard once to put two pie tins together and the noise from them banging together would do it ,but I don’t think it worked they just got use to the racket.


As our pet cockatiels are attracted to shiny objects, I thought about that also, but based on what i read, it’s the reflections that supposedly ‘scares’ them. At the moment, I’m not so sure as while I haven’t seen any crows fly out of the trees, I did see a large black feather on the ground that I don’t recall being there yesterday.

The music is just a sample from the Sony Movie Studio package. It’s tricky finding a tune that’s public domain and that’s really the only decent tune bundled with the editing package. Even music bundles listed as “royalty free” sold on Amazon’s MP3 store have comments about receiving copyright strikes over using certain songs. On the other hand, I don’t do monetisation (no ads in my videos), so probably are less likely to receive copyright claims.


Propane fireworks - The consequence of a pick-up carrying propane cylinders catching on fire:



Wow Seán that’s very spectaculair. Unfortunately it probably has cost a life as I can’t image the driver to have survived this :frowning:




Everything you need to know about the planet Earth:


The entire Kurzgesagt YouTube channel actually is pretty awesome.


This person reviews second hand products that he repairs, in this case a power inverter which even gives off the magic smoke. Whoops… :bigsmile:

I love the review intro…



For discs left hanging on a tree for nearly a month in various weather conditions, I’m actually quite surprised how well some lasted.

We had gale force winds yesterday which brought down some discs. A few discs were obvious duds, one generic disc which snapped in two and a “Spacewalker” brand disc that was mostly transparent.

As most of the discs were already coasters and firmware update CDs (e.g. <10MB of data), I was only able to find one that had a fair bit of data, i.e. CD-R with Bart PE, written June 2008 going by the custom folder dates on the disc:

MID: 97m27s18f (Plasmon Data Systems)

This CD-R is an inkjet printable with no branding that I could see.

I suspect the Verbatim CD-R’s would have been readable had they had more data to run a disc scan on. But then again, there’s still more discs (and plus) waiting to ripen. :slight_smile:


You People Are Fat - The Frantics



A chemistry video on Hydrogenation, i.e. converting unsaturated fat into less healthy saturated fat. As hydrogenation suggests, they do use hydrogen gas. :slight_smile:


Basically, our taste buds prefer the taste of saturated fat and the food industry knows this, i.e. more hydrogenation produces more taste-bud liking saturated fat to tempt customers to buy their product again over a competing product. So what about less hydrogenation, well, that can be marketed as a healthier food item and it wouldn’t surprise me if they charge more for it despite skipping the hydrogenation step with their oils.

The video also explains the difference between mono and poly unsaturated sat, how you end up with trans fat and what “Omega 3” means.


I thought this was interesting. The man is a bit slow at it considering it’s his braclet . I think I could have got the jute out with one pull.
I also would have to make a trip to the “Great Texas panhandle Birch Forest” to get birch bark. :wink: :bigsmile:
Or use some dry Mesquite bark & prairie grass which seems to burn almost too good.



Honest Politician





Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to make toast or boil a kettle in 10 seconds?

Well apparently so, at least Photonicinduction’s way… :stuck_out_tongue:

The blue figure on the left is the kilowatt input.

10 second toaster:


10 second kettle: