The YouTube Video Thread!



I watched the movie The Dragon Pearl tonight.
This is the drums in the end credits.
I thought this was good.


That’s spot-on. If your eyes are closed, you’d swear it’s Arnold.


[QUOTE=Gaarry;2704110]Vert cool. The Voca People:

:bigsmile:[/QUOTE] In theory it’s a nice a capella, but the performance really annoys me because it consists entirely of bits of a few seconds of one song after the other instead of a single song or at least a reasonable medley.


Just too funny…



Anyone remember this?



Hate it when this happens



Made me laugh.



i’m bringing sexy back :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=Sexy_Southerner;2704984]i’m bringing sexy back :slight_smile:[/QUOTE]

dii just found a new word :bigsmile:



with no patience… you make them watch this… 75 times :clap:



O Fortuna


We’re not in Kansas any more…



love the weather reporter…its colder than a midget in a fridge :slight_smile:


Does anyone remember the old rotary dial phones?

What about a rotary dial mobile phone (cellphone)?

Sounds crazy? What about an operator assisted mobile phone? :eek:

Apparently, the early mobile network in the UK in the 1970s was operator assisted, just like the early phone network. When you wanted to make a call, you had to call the operator at the local post office from your mobile phone and the operator would then connect you to the required number.

The following video is a Tomorrow’s world programme aired September '79 about a prototype mobile phone where the user could dial the number directly. Sure enough the prototype has a rotary dial.



Ever seen one of these?



Crazy eyes…


Here’s crazy eyes


This says …exactly how I feel about marcus :slight_smile: - there I said it…


[QUOTE=Sexy_Southerner;2705984]This says …exactly how I feel about marcus :slight_smile: - there I said it…

I think SS might quite like you, Marcus. Just a guess.