The YouTube Video Thread!



Just Post Videos you find interesting or funny here.

I’m going to post my profile, cause I use Youtube for summiting videos (even if people don’t watch them).


This dog is too cute and smart. I love watching this video. Of course, it helps that I am a huge fan of the movie Grease too but anywho…


I grew up in the greaser age…that dog is very well trained :iagree:

I have a year old German Short Haired Pointer and she’s pretty good with me but nothing like that :disagree:


Awww, I just love dogs. Too bad I can’t have one here where I live :(. I can’t even imagine how much it took to train that dog to dance with her like that but it was a great job in my opinion.


For all “Bonker” Fans:

Classic. :smiley:


English version is here




Shared that one with the bf, he will enjoy it so thank you.


My vote goes to the [B]Florida Voting Machine[/B]. :stuck_out_tongue:




Yeah man, the LIABATYD truth…


Taken from Brittain’s got talent:

Hilarious act…a specialty act, what he does, noone else in the world does… :wink:


An oldie but still a goodie to me


I think I’m gettin OMBAMAFEVER!


Amusing in that annoying-just wanna claw your brain out- type of way.



this is from Glasgow, it my be rated an over 18 with a wee bit of strong language, quite funny if you can understand it


Mr Garrison teaches evolution, this one always cracks me up




James Brown and Pavarotti