The year 2010

Are you going to say twenty ten or two thousand ten or two 0 one 0 or ??? starting January 1st?

I think I will be saying twenty ten

I will say “duemiladieci” :bigsmile:

[QUOTE=geno888;2480291]I will say “duemiladieci” :bigsmile:[/QUOTE]

Smartypants. :bigsmile:

That’s a good question actually, one that had crossed my mind. Twenty ten most probably. :slight_smile:

What about two-O-ten? :bigsmile:

[QUOTE=geno888;2480294]What about two-O-ten? :bigsmile:[/QUOTE]

No ring to it :disagree: :smiley:

Two Thousand Ten

Twenty ten.

Two Thousand Ten :iagree:

twenty ten, sorta rolls off the tongue :stuck_out_tongue:

In Danish it will be “[I]to tusind og tyve[/I]” (two thousand and ten), no doubt about it.

In English, hmmmm…probably two thousand ten, unless the alternative really catches on.

just ‘Ten’…it was ‘o-8’, ‘o-9’, so it’ll be just ‘ten’ now

Hey Bob,

Happy 10 [SIZE=“4”]and wish you the best of it[/SIZE]

[QUOTE=TCAS;2480691]Hey Bob,

Happy 10 [SIZE=“4”]and wish you the best of it[/SIZE][/QUOTE]Back atcha TCAS :slight_smile:

“dve hiljade deseta” on Serbian, and two thousand ten when I need to say it in English :slight_smile:

Two thousand (and) ten

[QUOTE=touchdown_1;2480329]twenty ten, sorta rolls off the tongue :p[/QUOTE]

yes and WE in South Africa is celebrating the world cup :clap:


Twothousandzerohundredandten is here; Happy New Year! :flower:

Another possibility…

I like twenty ten but MMX does sound kinda kewl