The XBOX question?

hmmmm… i havent heard of anyone making backups of xbox games yet . has anyone heard anything yet? what kind of protection are they using? i havent seen anybody ask this question yet. any info would be appreciated… thanks.
it would be a very sad day :frowning: to come across something that couldnt be backed up :wink: ya know. :eek:

Well, somebody is going to have to spend a lot of money and resources to figure out this stuff on the XBOX. Here is why:

Every Xbox game is on DVD-10 format. Yep, they can be up to 18Gigs large!!! First, you would need some DVD writer. Then the blank media is expensive - 10 to 15 bucks for each blank DVD. How many coasters would you make??? There goes a shitload of money…

So you have a copied DVD of an XBOX game. It doesn’t work. Now you have the problem of figuring out the problem; is it because the XBOX cannot read burned DVD discs or did you not burn it right???

Yeah, its sad, but if anybody figures out shit, its gonna take a while, and I mean a long while! Trust me, I know a lot about consoles and pirating on consoles!:wink: