The Worst Thing To Happen To WinMX!




There you are patiently waiting in the queue for a DL to start then suddenly you’re put on the uploaders ignore list. No explanation as to why and no way to ask why. This is usually the result of MXMonitor or a software similar to it. A very bad way to stop leechers. Myself I don’t care if someone DLs from me and has nothing to offer me. If someone is so concerned about who dls from them and is too lazy to manually check on them then they don’t belong on any p2p. If you are going to ignore me at least give me the common courtesy to give me the reason why!


Get Revconnect instead its much better.


yea Reverse connect ibetter then most peer 2 peer program’s i have tryed the thing is you have to share to get in to hubs and dont fake share you will just get banded


I read your post and just happened to need to do some downloading last night. i have never had so much trouble getting things downloaded! it seemed like i was blocked by almost everyone. at first i didn’t have my program set to share, but then i did add a folder with songs hoping that would allow me to get songs I wanted, but i didn’t help. what can i do so users don’t ignore me?
also, what other p2p networks are worth checking out…i am thinking i need to switch from winmx.


Limewire seems to work best for me when it comes to being able to download content and not just lots of results. If a search finds results with 5 or more sources for a given result with a size under 10MB (e.g. music), there is a very good chance of being able to download the full file. For files of between 40MB and 100MB (such as music videos), I generally have success with a result of 10 or more sources. For larger files such as over >100MB, you would be better off trying to get the content somewhere else such as BitTorrent or other file sharing networks mainly deal with large files.

WinMX use to be very good up until a few years back. I remember a few years back, all WinMX had to find was results with a few showing ‘available’ and I was able to get the file. However lately it is getting as bad as eMule where it finds finds hundreds of results, yet nothing (or very few) seem to work and anything that does work ends up coming in extremely slow.

I know quite a number of people who download large files (>100) with BitTorrent quite easily assuming they find some good Torrent hosting sites, however it does not have as wide selection of music or other small files compared with other file sharing networks.

I have tried many other P2P file sharing applications, including iMesh, Shareaza, NapMX (add-on for WinMX), Kazaa and Ares Galaxy with some varying success. The issues ranged between fakes (especially with Kazaa), slow transfer rates, transfers being cancelled midway (in the case with NapMX) to even poor results.

Probably the best thing to do is to try various programs and have some anti-spyware software handy :wink:


The worst thing about WinMX I found is you find something you want. You go download it. And then it shows up red and doesn’t download. Or it keeps saying more sources needed. WTH is up with that?!? It showed available that’s why I’m dling from that source! You can do the search over again, and it shows that you are downloading from that source, but nothing transfers.

Needless to say, I’ve stopped using WinMX.


for bit torrent users, i’ve found to be an indispensable resource for finding what you want and getting it to download rather quickly. Bram Cohen and his new partners are soon to release a torrent search engine:,1272,67596,00.html


I could never get this piece of crap software to download anything!
Try Bearhare or Limeware instead.


yea bit’s are good for the easy find program’s :iagree: if you dont want to used bit’s then just go for my beloved {revconnect } the thing is you might have to go in and out of hubs just to find some people with the file you want.

But to be more to the point is want speed do you want 35Kbs or like me with 10Mbit connection 1.500Mbs so up to you. { o yea 1.500Mbit is 1mega and 500Kbs }