The World´s most beautiful...goat


Well…things were a little slow at the office today, and no…I DID NOT google this

At least you didn’t link to goatse… :doh:

you know…Dean would be the one to post this …

Are you my Daaaaaaaddy!

Dean is surfing, looking for baaaad girls again… lol

he is so, uhmmm… HAIRY?

Yo Deano-

This is so…typecast for you-eh!!!


OMFG! It’s Stevie Nicks!

saw it earlier this day, when i was looking at what car not to get…lool

Hey, I found another beautiful weird goat:


Indeed, this goat won the first place at the strangest thing not at at strangest beauty contest cause I don’t think that this one can be beautiful too… :smiley: