The world was created

My (fat) aunt farts when she sneezes … possibly as a cover.

Belvy never said it was sneezed out, just that it was created by sneezing.

I agree with the “Debro’s Aunt” theory of universe creation. It explains alot :stuck_out_tongue:

Does the “Debro’s Aunt” theory of creation account for the balance between matter and antimatter in a simultaneous sneeze / fart paradox?
Does that also mean that Debro’s Aunt sneezes / farts at the speed of light? :eek:

You silly dolts, according to the “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, hyper pan-dimensional beings (the mice), had Deep Thought design a super computer that was the earth, to find out the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything, and it was built inside Magrathea, a planet that was where other planets were built… At least that’s what Slartibartfast said.
Go ahead, look it up for yourselves. :iagree:

That was a book, written by a British bloke… as a Canadian, you should make an effort to escape your colonial past and ignore everything that British people say :iagree:

Including this, because I’m British too. :stuck_out_tongue:

All I know is: When my aunt sneezes, the Angel of Death Descends upon all the earth, or at least those in the immediate vicinity of my aunt … but this time doesn’t just smite the first born sons, but all men, women & children.


I guess that “Created by a sk fart” is outta the question-eh?

According to the prophecies … in the land before time, insaneHat plugged Sk with a cork as a favour to the world, allowing life to come into existence. However, the prophecy also vaguely discusses something about a destroyer removing the cork and unleashing death upon the universe, destroying everything as we know it.

Of course, everyone believes it’s pure nonsense :stuck_out_tongue:

That wasn’t exactly what the neurotic religious myths of eschatology were thinking, but I’d be scared shitless if the cork popped out :eek:

The world is made of stolen property created by shoplifting gremlins from Zircon.

The world is not real. It is a fictitious place that only exists in my drug induced slumber :eek: