The World Trade Centre Attack: 10 Year Anniversary



Let us remember and respect the dead, and all of those who have since died as a result of this terrible, world-changing event.


By invitation I´ve hung one of my photos, taken in 1993 shortly after the first attack, in the foyer of the office of KPMG in Leipzig, Germany.


[QUOTE=deanimator;2603271]Let us remember[/QUOTE] It’s very hard not to. It’s all over the media.

Nice picture btw.


First I want to express my sympathy to all the victims’ families.
Those victims directly killed on 911 both in or around the Twin Towers.
The Fire & Police persons as well as any other responder killed.
The same for those that lived but have health problems as a result of “cleaning” up the mess.
That being said this was a windfall to many charities.
The funds distributed bt the government through Kenneth Feinberg . Who gave the amount to victims’ families based on by estimating how much each victim would have earned in a full lifetime.
How arrogant to assume that a janitor(example) working in the buildings life is worth less than a CEO’s . Further maybe the janitor was a college student who would have invented something & became as rich as Bill Gates. Instead the already wealthy got more. Remember this was paid out of donations not an insurance policy. Here are a couple of links supporting the above:

Myself as well as some others are “conspiracy theorists” on this. I make this statement as IMO. But here’s a YouTube on this:


Yep that was a bum day I was outside with fellow workers with a fire brigade meeting showing the brigade people how to turn down sprinkler systems and one of the members got a call on his cell phone and said a plane smash into the trade center.Of coarse I through o yeah some nut in a piper club few into a building ,not until later I heard it was a airliner and another just smashed into the other twin tower.not until the next day I saw on T.V. people were jumping out the windows and how horrible it was.I don’t think we will forget as the older generation will not forget Pearl Harbor…


I was working at a major TV media centre when it happened… I was taken into the main control room: three walls covered in monitors - floor to ceiling. I could see nearly every major TV channel in the world (including Chinese, Russian and Indian) at the same time. Nearly everyone of them had switched to showing live coverage of the events. I saw the second plane hit that tower from 10 different angles live! :eek:

The only channels that didn´t change were the pay-porn :rolleyes:


I was watching on my home TV when the second plane hit live.
A not so funny story & one you seldom hear. A reporter was interviewing the doorman of the building in between the towers. Him & the reporter still thought(at the time) the plane was something like a small Cesna . I guess it looked small from the ground. Also neither were getting the hell out of there at the time . Hard to believe.



& After…


A very powerful slide show here


Here’s a youtube-


My second picture is up…in a bar where the artists in this town usually hang out. A chance to say something, so it has the title “Propaganda”. This title will be change a few times in the next couple of weeks. There are reasons for this, for example, to keep 'em guessing in a sense to illustrate what the terrorists would have us do, another is to sufficiently provoke the public to give some thought to the meaning of all of what is happening…etc.

I´ve put the following text on the wall for those with a modicum of actual interest and patience to read:

February 26, 1993. A group of terrorists blew up a truck full of explosives in the underground garage of the World Trade Centre in New York. Six people died and more than 300 were injured. Living in New Zealand at the time, I wondered what this event meant for the world. The towers symbolised something else back then: trade and diplomacy – a world working together for a future. The attack seemed to be an attack on peace itself. I went there to have a look…to try to understand.
I had no idea what it would come to mean. I don´t think anyone has any idea what it means even now, and certainly no idea of what is yet to come.

I´ll post a pic of the scene later…heading down there in a thunderstorm now cos I´m a bit thirsty!


A couple feel good clips


This is a very nice presentation about the architectural impact of the twin towers.


Very comprehensive factual account in Wikipedia

and a very special story


The people jumping from the towers is what I remember the most ,wasn’t much said or news coverage on it ,I think they kept it quite not to unset the victims family.But that sticks in my head.


The media frenzy that resulted from all of this is what prompted me to be a bit provocative with my contribution to the “art scene”.
In the photo below is what is hanging on the wall of the local “artists´” bar in my neighbourhood. The title “Propaganda” is going to be changed every few days. I´ll add “Pure…”, and later a question mark. Then change the word propaganda to “Pornography” so that it reads “Pure Pornography?”. After some days I´ll change it completely to read “September 10th, 2001”, and for the last few days it hangs it will say “It Was a Nice Day to Go Fishing”.

The intention is to ask people to review what they understand this event means for them and for the world. The world is different now, and I think we have a responsibility to be clear about what we are doing.


[QUOTE=marloyd;2603617]The people jumping from the towers is what I remember the most ,wasn’t much said or news coverage on it ,I think they kept it quite not to unset the victims family.But that sticks in my head.[/QUOTE]

Strange how one special photo…“The Falling Man” has become so famous. I think it stands out as representing the sheer horror of the whole series of events of that day…distilled into a very personal image.
Films have been made and books written about it!


There was a debate on if some were to be called suicide or murder,in the confusion they couldn’t tell who was who so were called murdered… Go figure!


[QUOTE=deanimator;2603625]Strange how one special photo…“The Falling Man” has become so famous.[/QUOTE] Not really. There are a lot of US pictures that have a special meaning. Usually only to discover that the special meaning is completely out of context of the actual happening.

In this case there was much debate if the falling man would be allowed into heaven, since he killed himself and that’s kinda not done in the holy book. In my opinion one of the most worthless discussions ever.


Here’s my view . Not suicide but murder by terrorist.
In theory he might have survived the jump . People have survived parachutes not opening .
I also would ask would staying in a building that is on fire & it’s pretty certain he would burn to death be suicide ?
Or even if the building was collapsing & he was sure to be crushed would just staying in the building be suicide ?
I view the jump as the last available attempt to survive.

In the same light in a way . If a SS agent jumps in front of the President to stop a bullet & is killed is that suicide ?
Most would answer no.
@ Mr. Belvedere , I decided to leave the religious issue out of my opinion ; if memory serves you are at least an agnostic if not atheist. Correct me if I’m wrong.