The World Cup 2006 thread

Because, believe it or not, footballers kick a football (ball) with their feet (foot).
That’s where the name originates. Very few people call it soccer, hence the FA (Football Association) or Fusball as I believe it is called in Germany.

Surely you can’t mean American ‘football’ IS football. There’s only one man in the team who uses his feet (or rather, foot) and that’s once or twice a game :slight_smile:

Yep. It’s Football! Or footie :iagree: :stuck_out_tongue:

or in Scotland, [B]fitba[/B] :bigsmile:

Anyone more than me saw the official world cup promotional film The art of football from A to Z with John Cleese?
I will make an attempt to transliterate what he said (without having the exact text).

Football is a creative game, and that is the reason it has never caught on in America. In America, they insist on calling football soccer and some other crazy sport which main goal is to stuff in as much commerial as possible, football.
This game they call football, but it’s not played with a ball, and they use their hands to throw the thing and catch it. Only one player in each team is allowed to kick the ball, and they must be specially brought onto the pitch to do so.

America, it’s quite simple. Football is a game, played with the foot on a ball. What you call football, we call commercial break.

He slandered american thingy-sport much more beautiful than that, but this is the spiritual meaning of what he said.

^:clap: :wink: Nice one Air, that sounds about right to me.

We call that type of sport ‘rugby’ and it’s played by guys without any padding or crash helmets :bigsmile:

winners for today?

Germany? should win but Costa Rica have nothing to lose so…
still…they’ll win :iagree:

and Poland and Ecuador a draw…

Amen! :bow:

The Dutch will win the final from Brasil: 2-1. :iagree: crosses fingers

i know what your trying to say there, but us scots have a very well behaved fan base, whatever competition were in we get awards for good behaviour, even when we get beat, which is most of the time :wink: , now when england win or lose there fans just riot, there well known for this, and when it’s broadcast on TV, the english presenter alway’s say [B]british fans[/B], which it is not, there english, scotland, as a nation has it’s own team and supporters and we try to distance ourselves for the typical english hooligans.

you may think i’m anti-english, which i’m not (my gran stays down there now) i’m just [U]pro-scottish[/U] :flower:


What the hell is soccer? :confused:
I don´t know and I don´t care :bigsmile:

LOL! That’s a new one on me…even though my best mate awhile back was a Scot :bigsmile:

check description of LR-forum…FOOTBALL
didn’t notice that bfore…
P. S.:less then 2,5 h :stuck_out_tongue:

Cold beer *check
Tv outside in the sun *check
Snacks *check

im ready… oh no wait still need to get a haircut :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

lol its all part of the fun… we loose we loot…

lol :bigsmile:

i’m not religous either, i’m actually the oposite of what the celtic background is known to have come from. :flower:

Never heard it put quite that way before :bigsmile:

I got one of those :bigsmile:

what does getting a haircut have to do with a game? :confused:

rofl nothing but i forgot i had an appointenment scheduled so i had to tell the person to hurry up or id miss the kickoff of the game :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Tell that to a group of 400 pound linebackers from the NFL :eek: