The Wild backup

Usually use DVD shrink but getting errors.Then loaded DVDFab to try.Can get most of the process fine until trying to backup onto a blank DVD.I have a laptop and only have a single DVD R/W drive.How do I manage to get the target drive selected correctly to allow me to use a blank DVD in the original source drive?

try anydvd or ripit4me this is a new dvd and dvd shrink will not work

Hi kingofleon,

Please download latest version of DVDFab at

It has fixed the burning error problem.

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AnyDVD & elby CloneDVD2 will copy everything - even if you have only a single drive.

I did “The Wild” with DvdFab. The movie was so bad I wondered why I backed it up. My son liked it and it was cheap enough at Walmart so all is not lost. I would decrypt to a folder on the hard drive then ImgBurn to burn the .ISO to the blank.

I could not get a good copy made of “The Wild” using CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD.

Having serious problems with and with The Wild … Cant get it to work. Locks in random places. I’ve done hundreds of backups and never had THIS much of an issue … i’ve thrown every app I have at it … new scheme maybe?

drosoph, try cleaning the disc. It may be faulty also.

I have the version that this site takes me to to download and still cannot get it to burn. Please help. Thank you.

well, Ive just now tried it, goes fine , used dvdFab Decrypter , saved it on hard drive then ran the saved copy through dvd shrink, then burnt it off on nero, perfect 100 percent