The "what is wrong with CDRW disc manufacture" thread

I have CDRW discs from four different manufacturers and only one has behaved “stably” in my limited use of them. And I’ve used four different CD rewriters too.
The biggest problem was with Memorex-Infodisc type. I didn’t touch newly formatted 3 of them for two months, then when I came to use them again, none would record or format successfully. Further, recording audio would throw up glitches on playback.
The 5 Memorex-Plasmon type generally still work after two years, apart from one disc where only a few directories of what was stored can now be accessed.
A Ricoh was readable for 3 years until I copied data off it last week, and now can no longer be recognized.
A fujifilm is going strong after 3 years.

For these discs to fail, storage in a nuclear reactor or even just sunlight is not required. In a cool, dry room sitting comfortably in their cases is just enough.

What is WRONG with these manufacturers? The lack of reliability in CDRW is absolutely APPALLING. It is completely unacceptable. I have never experienced anything like it in computer data storage.
As it stands, I can only trust CDRW to make a backup of a few files temporarily that are stored on my hard drive, until I have such quantity of files that I can write a far more reliable CDR.

Is CDRW media inherently unstable?

I don’t know the principles behind RW’s but the fact that you can erase them makes me belive they are more sensitive than regular discs.
And that RW is a (relativley) new sort of disc, that hasn’t been to succsessfull in terms of sales (heck, I only own two RW discs, both I got with my burners :)) has led to that the manufacturers doesn’t lay as much time on improving them as they do with regular CD-R’s.

Then there are some manufacturers out there (Infodisc for instance) which seems to ship anything they produce…

[Edit Infodisc, not Prodisc… sorry… :)]

Well, I guess I’m just lucky (Don’t use RWs much, but haven’t had data loss…), I’ve always used Prodisc RWs and in about a year and half never had any problems with them… Use them a lot at it too… Also used Fornet and Acer RWs to great success.
But I DON’T use them for permanent storage, of course, only for transport and for backing up files before formatting.

I have 25 Imation 650MB CD-RWs made by CMC Magnetics.

I just popped in an audio compilation (74:30) that I made on one of those discs two years ago, tested it with Nero CD Speed, and it came out all green. :slight_smile:

(This disc was made using an HP CD Writer+ 8200a 4/4/32. This drive burned up a few weeks ago, and I now have a Lite-On LTR-32123S.)

The next time I needed 650MB CD-RWs I bought Sony. I have a Sony 6-pack made my Mitsubishi and a 10-pack made by Acer.

I also have a 700MB CD-RW made by NAN-YA Plastics that came with my Lite-On drive.

I have yet to have any of these CD-RWs fail on me, which is more than I can say for some standard HD 1.44MB floppy discs that I have.