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Well if you want the best month audio cd around, look at:

We will provide you with the best in music..
[For Dutch people only]

In the future the site will give adressen of dealer in you town....

So every dealer in Holland, Mail us (, en we will publish in the future...

See Ya,


I don’t think it’s a smart idea to publish (home) addresses of 3FM dealers on that site, cuz (as you know) it’s illegal to sell or buy these cd’s …

But I agree with you that 3FM MegaHits cd’s are the best monthly audio 2cd’s available at this moment!

Atlantic Music:


Hi There,

Well that’s right my friend, but i don’t mean the (home) adresses but dealers-sites or email adresses…

:wink: I’m not stupid you know…

See Ya,


hm’k … thought that because you said “adressen of dealer in you town” in your message … I don’t think that it matters in which town a dealer lives , delivery goes via post by most (all?) of the dealers that sell their cd’s on the internet.

Anyway … I just said that because I don’t want any dealers to get busted by the mother FUCKIN’ authorities , didn’t say it because I thought that you we’re stupid or so , but keep in mind that safety is #1 (at least that’s my opinion ) in this bizz!

Atlantic Music:


Well Michael Petersen ,

I’m not mad or something, i’m just teasing you, with saying about that “stupid” thing…

May the force be with you



Hey Mercurius,

You’re into music, I’m not so how 'bout a banner or link exchange :wink:

Let me know on email