The warranty of a well-known Korean producer of DVD writers is worthless, its service is miserable

In April 2008 I have bought a DVD writer in a specialist shop, produced by the Korean electronic company whose name consists of 2 letters. The burner was very expensive, because burners with SATA connection were still hard to get in Bolivia at this time. I trusted in the warranty certificate which guarantees free service for one year. Since the beginning of 2009 the writer, which had worked well until that day, suddenly could not burn correctly any more. Since then, it interrupts the burn process or fails to write a correct end track without any reason of software installation.
Therefore I brought the writer to the service shop on 27th of January 2009, but they refused to acknowledge the warranty, because it is only declared explicitly for Brasilia, Mexico, Canada and the USA. This seemed not to be acceptable to me; so I wrote an email to the central service agency of Chile and Bolivia, and asked for an analogous redemption of warranty, but they did not answer. I repeated my plea several times, but in vain.

Apart from this dishonest practice to exclude warranty claims by this way, I had requested the service office of the producer in the Santa Cruz, to revise the writer and tell me what repair would cost. They had promised me the result for the next day, but they demanded me for two weeks to call them every next day. I went there 3 times, but they could not find my writer any more. After I had complained to the producers central, they delivered me my unit and told me that it would not be possible to repair it, because the scanner which reads the information of DVDs would be damaged and irreparable as replacement parts are lacking. But this is complete nonsense. The burner continues reading well. There are only two possibilities of explications for this error – either the technician is completely incompetent or they do not like to repair their products.

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Post the MID of the media you are using. The symptoms sound like poor quality media.