The War Rages On

Ollie isn’t GOD, everyone accept me seems too think so. Wonder what religion you are, and how much does he pay you too post against adversity!

Can anyone accept change? I am not saying Ollie is history, just that he has adversity now, a contender has entered the ring called Cloner. Give this programmer a chance he has released a new update, and I am going too test it. As for trashing your systems I have never heard such garbage, its just a plan too unhinge the new Contender. I can accept change, can you.

It’s a new program to help you backup your software, its not a nuclear bomb that will blow up & kill you. So why are you all scared of using this new program. I wouldn’t put you in charge of the Pentagon thats for sure.

Change is evident and you cannot stop it.

Greetz from The Diplomat:D

well I tried this program and it gave me nothing but bad luck
after I installed cloner the program gave me an illegal operation with explorer
so I dont want to use this program ever again and I recommend everyone to do the same

can you advertise a product without putting someone else down?

How much shares do you have in Cloner?

How come I have no problems with this program, and I am running Windows XP. Explain that, and why tell everyone else not too use it? Can you u do better, I very much doubt it. I don’t even think you can imagine how much code has gone into producing this program. :smiley:

The Germans lost the war because of one man Winston Churchill, and so will Ollie, mark my very words.

This is not a war you know, by the way some of you talk you make it sound like life and death. OMG where has my CloneCD gone, what am I going too do, the end of the world is surely nigh!


I am 1 of the people that tried the first release,and had a lot of problems with it when I tried to run it,in fact it frooze while it was detecting my drives’ capabilities…I tried several times to run it,but failed everytime…
I’m willing to try every burning sofware that comes out,I’m not a CloneCd addict,but I also do not HYPE every new program that claims it can do better then Clone…At the moment there are only a very few that reached that level…
I hope The Cloner reaches that level too,the better for us it is.
Every programmer has to begin somewhere,but always keep in mind that NEVER a burning program is released that flawlesly worked in it’s beginning days…I give the author a lot of credit,because he has great intentions,and I shure gonna try his software again in the near future,but the way I see things,this product is still BETA…
Just my 2 cents…

Originally posted by intercept
The Germans lost the war because of one man Winston Churchill, and so will Ollie, mark my very words.

One program is not the enlightment of the whole world, that much I agree with you. But to compare Ollie with Germany during the world wars is too much for me.

Germany did not lose the war because only 2 nations were facing each other and one turned out to be better than the other purely on their own merits. Germany lost the war because the rest of the world teamed up against Germany and yes, Churchill played a big role there. But still, the comparison between Ollie (simply because he is German) as Germany and Cloner (as the other program) to Churchill is totally inappropriate and uncalled for.

Competition is good, it keeps all parties involved on their toes and eventually will lead to the best possible quality for a fair price, but then people must buy it and not use it illegally. All the time and other resources put into the development of a program must be paid somehow and using the program without a proper license will not help this development (and I dare easily say that far less than half of the people using CloneCD have actually paid for it)

So again, the fact there is another program that obviously can do the trick as well is no reason for putting down another product that is still very good and very well capable of backing up most copy protections.

Please show some respect

this conversation sucks.

this has nothing to do with war…be glad…perhas we have 2 great programs in the near future

One word. CloneCD RULEZ.

BTW, ollie i hope you know that you owe me $10 bucks for that. later

Hey intercept if you’re happy with The Cloner that’s fine by me. Have fun with it but don’t come here pulling CloneCD down. We all know CloneCD has proved its abilities. Now let’s see if The Cloner can…


I see you’ve started another thread about the same subject. Closing this one.