The war between HD DVD and Blu-Ray is futile

I just posted the article The war between HD DVD and Blu-Ray is futile.

According to a research carried out by JupiterResearch titled “Next Generation DVD: Will the Winner Be HD DVD, Blu-ray, or None of the Above?”, the format war between HD DVD and Blu-ray is…

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Note to Music Industry: Resistance is futile! -Borg :+ Hi Geno- Im drinking grappa again! :S
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It makes perfect sense. If you consider the popularity of iPod and other portable devices (including cell phones) for music and video, the trend towards micro components is unstoppable. The public at large doesn’t give a hoot for hi-def – or high-fi, for that matter – they want convenience. Which means the HD format will remain a niche market, not enough to create a huge & profitable industry.

No. They just need to devide on 1 freakin format !! And it should be HD DVD :slight_smile:

Talk about stating the obvious :slight_smile: The only way forward is co-operation and that means Sony should back down and relegate Blu-ray as a storage format only. Their track record in enforcing standards is abysmal and I don’t see this changing any time soon.

If you have a 40 inch HDTV HDDVD or Blu-Ray is a definite improvement over an upscaled dvd. However, how many people can actually afford to blow 1000+ on a tv. Either format will be hard to adopt until HD equipment becomes mainstream. I was reading a stat that here in Canada only 10 percent of households have an HDTV. They’re already blowing it with two HD format, which is going to keep alot of people from bother with an HDTV, which in turn really creates a need for the DVD to go extinct. That being said… if one of the HD formats lower prices to same as the DVD counterpart, made a 100 dollar player, and did an ad campaign saying… you might not have an hdtv now, but its the way of the future, why waste your money on dvds and have to rebuy your catalog… but an hd player now… play it on your SDTV and when you get an hdtv you’ll be good to go :slight_smile:

Well when you look at how Transformers HD did in sells compared to its SD DVD counterpart, the future looks dismal for these HD formats. And this was a good opening for a HD disc release. The figures if I remember correctly were 2% HD sells vs. 98% SD, not good for HD.

Wow, Shaolin007–that’s a great stat to share! Looking at it that way, HD isn’t the boon the makers of it thought it would be.