The walking dead s1 d2

I am trying to back up my series of walking dead. s1 d1 went just fine. S1 d2 when it goes to transfer it to disc. it acts like it is burning the screen states 0%done. and it doesnt back it up. I am using dvd ultimate. recent version. Help!! Never seen this before. It has errored out in past on this screen but never just been blank. I tried restarting the computer and program and still same issue. I also just tried backing up movie only and still did the same thing.

I think your options may be “Try other software” or “bad Disk #2”.

There are fans of DVD Fab Decrypter who might point you in that direction, and other folks have different preferences for ‘other software’. If DVD Fab produced errors on Disk 2, then your options may be refined to “bad disk #2”.