The "Video_TS" folder is red. I cannot put my files in there to burn them as a DVD

I’ve recently bought the NEC ND-2510A DVD burner. It’s my first burner and I’ve been looking/getting software to use. Nero 6.X came with it. I say 6.X because I’ve upgraded to the most recent one ( Currently, I’m trying to use Win Avi to convert files from .avi to DVD format. >That< part is successful. The problem comes when I try to use the Nero option “Buen DVD Video Files”.

I open this option and the “Video_TS” folder is red. I cannot put my files in there to burn them as a DVD. Why? Please help.

no need to do that way if it doesn’t work. just launch nero express, choose your dvd burner from the dropdown, choose data disc option. right click in next window and create 2 folders - VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS. open the VIDEO_TS , choose to add files. browse to your video dvd files and choose to add them. NEXT. give the DVD a name IN CAPITALS no lower case.! then burn it.

I’m not familiar with Win Avi but does it produce mpg2 or a Video_ts folder with .vob files, if not you need to use an authoring program such as Tsunami Authoring. If you can’t get Nero to work with the DVD-Video option you could try DVD-Rom(UDF) select no multisession and add the Video_ts and Audio-ts straight in it, it will display it as VIDEO-TS and AUDIO-TS don’t worry if the audio_ts file is empty I’ve never seen anything in it yet.

Use imgtool classic to make an .iso out of the files/folders that WinAvi outputs. Burn the resulting .iso with DVD Decrypter.

Both tools are free and this method has never had any compatibility problems (as opposed to Nero).