The vast majority of BitTorrent files violate copyright



Though this shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone, a new study from the Internet Commerce Security Laboratory (Australia) shows that 89% of files available from torrents were definitely violations of copyright, and most of the rest were questionable. Only 0.3% were confirmed to be not infringing.

The story is here:

Laws vary tremendously on the allowed use of copyright protected material, so the researchers must be using Australian law as their guideline for infringing/not infringing in the study.


[QUOTE=Kerry56;2533677]Only .03% were confirmed to be not infringing.[/QUOTE] According to the linked article, it’s actually a whopping [B]0.3%[/B] ! :smiley:


OOPS! Correcting that. :slight_smile:


Copyright holders have one consolation, however: P2P users seem to buy more content than the average person, so there’s still some chance of earning those users’ money after all.
Now it makes you wonder… Who is benefiting from the report??