The various forms and sizes of MONEY

Yeah, i knew the word MONEY spelled in C.A.P.I.T.A.L. L.E.T.T.E.R.S. would get yer attention eh!?

There are various forms and sizes of money. There’s cash, plastic, atm, visa, credit card, stock exchange, etc.

What is your favourite form of money? How do you handle all that money? Or how you handle not having any money? Is money really that important?

I hate coins. I can never find a wallet which perfectly handles coins.
I like paper cash and atm cards (but beware of the super easiness in which you spend plastic money that’s not yours to begin with!), but i hate coins.

Can’t they just make a “cents only” atm or chip card for all the little spendings?

Same here … my wallets falling to bits & I can’t find a wallet with a decent coin pouch :stuck_out_tongue:

That said … my favourite form of cash is frimp shells.
But IOU’s are great too :wink: The government can’t tax those :wink:


Ah the Zloty’s? Always accepted no matter where you are.

i like my plastic card :wink:

coins annoy me to no end.

the Sacagawea dollar failed miserably, so the US treasury is now deciding that if they make collectible President dollar coins that they will catch on (like the state quarters did as collector’s items)

all plastic/electronic for me please.

As for plastic cards there are still places i go to that only take USA currency. Some are USA currency or check. My plastic is no good there.

Plastic is what I use most often, but there is something to be said for notes/bills - you can only spend what you have in your purse/wallet. :wink:

yeah Rollin…strip clubs only take bills :wink: :bigsmile:

yeah that too :bigsmile: i was mainly talking about a few restaurants i like to go to.

Hooters is NOT a resturant…the wings are not world famous either…

Never been to one :doh: but we have one in town :bigsmile: So i’ll make a note that the wings aren’t world famous.

good idea…and a big waste of money and time…if ya wanna pay to see bewbies…i’ll show ya mine for free :wink:

These Hooters are wondering why you’re talking about their wings! :wink:

Money is the root of all evil and will cause you nothing but misery…

So I’ll be glad to take it off your hands and add it to the treasure in the Dragon’s Cave! :smiley:

Mine is in the form of big heavy gold bars to keep the thieving little Hobbits and Dwarves from stealing it!

I’m sure they look very nice :slight_smile: but i have my wifes to look at when needed :iagree:

Money, media…what more do you want? :stuck_out_tongue:

Someone should burgle that cave :iagree:

Someone did and someone tried! :cool:

I pay every bill and buy everything I can on a credit card for the cash back and the free 1 year extension on the manufacturer’s warranty.

You miserable bastard :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s not the only plastic you like :wink:

Seen them, now I want to touch them :wink:

Back to topic, I prefer electronic…bank card (immediately credits your account, so no interest)…Use credit card as little as possible because I tend to forget that a bill is coming if it is not credited from my account imediately…

Finally, money is dangeous, before you know it we are all saving it.

Save the whales, collect the whole set