The vanishing PS3 price drop: soon only one $600 PS3 remains

The Great PS3 Price Drop of 2007 isn’t much of a price drop after all, not when Sony’s moves are looked at in aggregate. When all is said and done, Sony will have one PS3 available throughout North America, and it will be the upgraded/downgraded 80GB PS3.

They also added

The upgrade to 80GB of storage offsets some of that potential bitterness, and Sony can pull the switcheroo while still saving plenty of money on manufacturing. According to Reeves, the cost difference stemming from the 60GB to 80GB hard drive upgrade is “just Euro cents” (a.k.a., pennies).

It is funny that things just costs a few pennies and they see it relevant to slap another $100.00 USD on the price tag I think.

SONY and Apple both big time overpriced :a A POP icon people will just pay the price no matter how high. Want to tell your grandfather the price of a game today? Remember 4 weeks or less later it is something else.

I own a Wii …

Blu-ray is not looking attractive right now :stuck_out_tongue:

If it say sony I do not buy it. If more people would do this they would change the way they treat people.


I don’t own a Wii, Xbox, 360, PS2, PS3, Sega, Nintendo, Sony, etc…

Only difference is the PS3’s aren’t exactly flying off the shelves (even with the $100 “not” price reduction). I’d imagine some of the stores around here would like to dust the shelves under their inventory but can’t :wink: