The Used Space of th Formatted External Hard Drive is not zero



Hello everyone

I have an external HDD (Western Digital 500GB)which I formatted both in quick mode and normal mode. Yet after formatting the used space is not 0. I unchecked the following options in Folder options to see why the used space is not 0:

*Hide empty drivers in Computer Folders
*Hide extensions for known file types
*Hide prtoected operating system files

I found a RecycleBin folder which had some pictures and some text files remained, although I had already formatted this External Hard Drive. I wonder why they had not been removed?!?!??! BTW I deleted these files and yet the used space is not zero?!?!?!?!

PS: I have to mention here that the used space is about 100MB which is considerable and strange!!!

Could you please let me know the reason?

Thank you very much indeed


Please help me, I’m affraid of having some viruses on my External Hard Drive!!!


I believe the operating system will take some space it requires for functionality purposes :slight_smile:


Are you SURE that the files in your recycle bin were on that drive and not another?
recycle bin on my XP sytstem shows ALL the recycled files from ALL drives until I empty the bin.

And until you actually empty the bin they are still taking up drive space.

Go to: Start>my computer>control panel>system and check the “System Restore” setting on
that drive because that also takes up space.

100Mb on a 500Gb drive?

that is ~0.02% of your total drive space. (literally 1 part in 5000)

In this universe there is “trivial” then there is the even smaller thing you are worrying about:)

As for “Used space”, it’ll never be zero, ever, there is always the file allocation tables to be considered
(yeah they call it by another name when you format NTFS, but…



There is also an NTFS Logfile and a USN Journal file which likely use a major part of the stated 100 MB.

I wouldn’t worry about it; as AllanDeGroot said, the used space on an “empty” drive will never be zero and especially not if it’s formatted as NTFS.


Oh, I appreciate your quick responses buddies!

So,100MB is natrual and rational for this size of Hard Drive and contains some files like NTFS Logfile, USN Journal file, System Restore and so on.[B] But I wonder why they are not visible even if we uncheck those options, I mentioned earlier in the Folder option?[/B]

To AllanDeGroot: Regarding the RecycleBin, you are right; It shows the recycled files from all of the drives, It was my fault and illusion.

Thank you very much


[QUOTE=kamran_kmr;2520717][B]But I wonder why they are not visible even if we uncheck those options, I mentioned earlier in the Folder option?[/B][/QUOTE] System restore data is stored under the [I]System Volume Information[/I] folder, which can be seen in Explorer if hidden files are shown; you are not allowed to see the content of this folder, however.

The other NTFS meta files are never shown, which is probably because showing those files would only tempt people to mess with those files and try to hurt themselves. :smiley: