The ultimate Ultra HD Blu-ray 'friendly' drive list - with recommendation of best


My drive showed up today and it’s a August 2017 drive with 1.02 firmware. I emailed them asking if they could use the discount code and no they couldn’t. I told them to go ahead and send the drive but I would prefer older stock with 1.02 or 1.01 if possible. Another agent responded later that she would send my drive including a quote for what I wanted but she did not say they would send a early drive.
I guess either I got lucky or they actually read my request and picked out a older build with 1.02 on it for me. That was on New Egg eBay so if anyone still wants a early drive they still have some and might actually pick out a early drive for you if you request it.


you will need the pro version of windows to do this. it the main reason i have pro. i am still suspicious of ms though and would not put it past them to have a backdoor around this or to drop it in via a creators update

i have taken a very conservative approach to updating anything not clearly possible to downgrade.


just managed to get a LG WH14NS40. it has ‘MDISC’ on the tray, has firmware v1.02 and SVC is NS50, so hoping all will be good with it. appreciate the advice given by everyone, particularly roadworker and from Balthazar2k4 for the info about the drive i bought


You should be good. I added it to my list of drives further up. :slight_smile:


many tnx for the info. apologies for not seeing you had also added this drive to the list of those working.


Hey everyone. It’s a work-in-progress but I might have found a solution for those who are having trouble ripping Sony’s triple-layer discs (e.g., “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”). To reiterate, my LG drives flat out refuse to acknowledge the discs, while the Asus drive (BW-16D1HT) sees the disc but chokes horribly when MakeMKV or DeUHD attempt to decrypt the disc.

The solution is simple. If you poke around, there’s an LG/Asus firmware flash binary that can do cross-flashes. Asus firmware can be on LG drives and vice versa. (Asus drives are basically rebadged LG drives.) I used this to flash the brand new BW-16D1HT firmware (3.02) onto both the BW-16D1HT and the LG WH16NS40. The results?

Asus BW-16D1HT - No improvement. Drive makes horrific noises when MakeMKV attempts to read the disc, with the disc speed dramatically increasing and decreasing seemingly at random. The drive seems to lock up completely at some point.
LG WH16NS40 - Am only on the first disc (“Leon: The Professional”) but so far so good! The drive recognizes the disc and doesn’t make weird noises when MakeMKV was kicking off the decryption process.

So, it looks like the Asus drive’s hardware has some sort of issue that prevents the drive from properly handling these discs. Maybe I’ll flash some LG firmware and see what happens. In any event, if you’re having trouble reading any discs, try cross-flashing.

Good luck!

EDIT 1: Just FYI, the BW-16D1HT 3.02 FW was apparently released two days ago. It’s understandable that people are nervous about flashing this after all the LG updates that closed the hole. As things stand, it looks like Asus doesn’t care about the hole. :slight_smile: I suppose there could be a trojan horse of some sort but I highly doubt it. That said, it’s your choice. Flashing 3.01 to an LG drive may very well produce the same results.

EDIT 2: Okay, I’m batting 2-for-3 with the cross-flash. The third disc (“The Bridge on the River Kwai”) still refuses to be seen on the LG drive. I decided to try the original Asus drive with 3.02. It’s a brutal slog getting through the initialization and such but MakeMKV is ripping the disc as I type. We’ll see if it completes without errors. In any event, the point is that the firmware definitely helps but intrepid users, for now at least, should at least consider buying an Asus and and LG drive if they want a shot at full coverage for their library.

EDIT 3: The third disc was slow (~9 MB/s) and the Asus drive occasionally made nasty sounds but the disc eventually ripped without issue. My collection’s completely ripped now, although I’m still waiting for MakeMKV to support two discs DeUHD supports that MakeMKV doesn’t. Can’t wait for the day when DeUHD is uninstalled from my old PC. :slight_smile:


Just had my original BH16NS55 start to throw Hash Check Errors. Tried all three firmware (1.02 / ASUS 3.00 / 3.02) that I had but it was all the same. Got the last 2 drives that the local had in stock.


Hmmm. I take it this happens for every disc you put in?


Yup, every disc and it started in the last 24-hours. The new drive is backing up just fine as we speak.


Which version of MakeMKV are you using?


edit - 1.10.10


Seems like my ASUS BW16D1HT I got back in mid-2016 might be more important than my Pioneer 209EBK. How come no Pioneer drives supported? They even have that 211 Ultra HD model and no support for them?


Hey everyone. Just FYI, it looks like the unpatched LG drives are drying up, at least online. I ordered the WH14NS40 last week from Newegg. It arrived on Friday. It was built in Dec. 2017 and has the 1.03 FW. :confused: I’m 99% sure I can downgrade the FW using some magic posted elsewhere. Still, this is a warning to everyone. If you can, I highly recommend going to your local Fry’s and buying a drive there. Their stock seems to be a bit older, which is great in this case. Price matching is spotty but should work if you’re polite and get an employee who isn’t terribly strict about the rules. (They scan the UPC and go off what comes up on Amazon, Newegg, etc. The UPC doesn’t always match what these places carry.)

Good luck!

@tomnik - The exact loophole isn’t known outside of a few dev teams. What is known is that the friendly drives have/had a bug where presenting a valid AACS 1.0 certificate basically caused the drives to not turn on bus encryption for the 4K discs, which requires a 2.0 certificate. I’m not sure what loophole works for the official drives. In any event, the Pioneer drives apparently don’t have this loophole. Whether or not they’ll ever support 4K ripping is unknown right now. I’m guessing they will eventually but that’s just my opinion. Several people are undoubtedly pounding away and seeing what they can extract.


My local Micro Center has a pile of them inside a glass cabinet that does not appear to have budged for quite a while. I suspect that BD drives are very slow movers in stores, so if there is one near you it might be worth a try.


Well, that was quick. After Asus released 3.02 FW for the BW-16D1HT, 3.03 was released a week later. Looks like 3.03 is where Asus finally got around to patching the hole. Avoid! (To be clear, 3.02 is fine.)

That said, if you get a 3.03 drive, the “DOSFlash” method of downgrading apparently works fine for recovering the drive. So, you do have options.


Dunno,if all firmware is good,but 3.00 is definitely working for this drive…:flower:
Ripping a UHD while posting…:bigsmile:


Would you please dump your 3.00 firmware ? I need to make some tests as I’ve written a guide for crossflashing and I really need BC-12D2HT 3.00 firmware.

To do it, you can follow this guide :

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


The drive is connected to an usb 3.0 port on my laptop with a sata to usb 3.0 converter,does this work with DevilsClaw ?
Dosflash isn’t an option ATM…


Devilsclaw works with USB 3.0 attached drives. I did it yesterday for @TwinParadox with my LG drive.


Info sent…:givewink: