The ultimate Ultra HD Blu-ray 'friendly' drive list - with recommendation of best


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We all want our fellow members to choose the correct drive,don’t we ?..:bigsmile:
AFAICS,only the NewEgg link in the news post has the correct 1 listed,all others show the gen 1…:givewink:


@imorente - Assuming I’m reading you correctly, you’re asking where you can get the 1.02 FW for the BRUHD-PU3 drive. It’s here. I think it’s still the latest version, and it’s the last version I’d bother installing given the possibility that a new version could break DeUHD support.


FYI - One of my drives is the LG BU40N (laptop drive in a USB 3 Slim Enclosure by Archgon). I’ve now had a couple of discs scratched by this drive where the disc was left in overnight to rip (and the drive keeps spinning all night even when it has finished ripping). Found it hard to get a good re-rip on these scratched discs though it did work in the end.


Hey everyone. Just as a heads up, I fired up PowerDVD 14 (UHD BD version, which I installed on a lark) a couple of days ago on my old HTPC. When I did, it said there was new firmware for my drive, and it asked if I wanted to install the firmware. I didn’t have any of my rip drives plugged in (all are USB or in USB enclosures), so I guess it was talking about the installed drive (LG, coincidentally enough, but an old drive from 2010)? I find it very strange that PowerDVD is offering to update a 7-year-old drive that, AFAIK, has never had a firmware update.

In any event, if anybody has PowerDVD, stay vigilant. PowerDVD never did anything like this before the 4K leaks started. I think it’s safe to assume that Hollywood is leaning on PowerDVD to plug holes any way they can. I can only hope there isn’t some sort of silent update module that updates the firmware without permission. If so, I guess there are always class action lawsuits. :slight_smile:


That got me thinking about Windows pushing out a Firmware Update…


Yeah, there’s that too. I don’t think it’ll happen but people should definitely set up WU such that they have to approve what’s installed.


+1 - that is what I’ve done.


Anyone tried this cross flash yet? Claims the speed jumps to 35mb/s with VUK.


FYI - Just Cross flashed one on my LG BH16NS55 (V1.02 fw) to the ASUS BW16D1HT (V3.00 fw) to see if the claims of it being much “faster” are true.

Tested using HG-MJ1 : 91.7GB (triple layer disc?) using AnyDVD rip to Folder:

  • LG BH16NS55 = 1:26 minutes
  • ASUS BW16D1HT = 1:05 minutes
    = 24% Faster :smile:
  • I saw ripping speeds on the ASUS FW ranging from a high of 34MB/s and a low of 14MB/s
  • Also got a “good” rip without any errors being reported
  • The drive did not sound any louder to me (but another cross flasher said it did to them)

I’ll test a DeUHD rip next to compare speed between AnyDVD and DeUHD on the ASUS FW.


I’d like if anyone having the 3.01 firmware version of Asus BW16D1HT can make a dump of that firmware. I can’t find it anywhere. :frowning:

  • DeUHD = 1:45 minutes
  • Drive speed improvement does not help as DeUHD is CPU bound (maxed 1 core/thread)
  • Ripping Speed was always around 15MB/s
  • Rip was “Good”

So, I’d say if you are using VUK then the cross flash to the BW16D1HT firmware is a pretty good idea and does not have any downsides that I’ve noticed + you get a pretty good speed bump. If you are only using DeUHD then don’t bother as it makes no difference. You can always cross flash back to an LG BH16NS55 (V1.02 fw) if needed. For now I’ll keep one drive on the LG FW and one on the ASUS FW.


I only have V3.00 - what the difference with V3.01?


I also have the 3.00. I’ve asked for 3.01 to try it and see the differences.


Well I just ordered the supposed right version from New Egg on eBay then noticed they had a promo code deal going on their regular site that saves 10 bucks:rage: I sent them a message explaining what happened and asked if they’d honor the promo code so hope they do but never have had to deal with a boo boo like this before. I did a search and New Egg didn’t show up so I hit eBay and they have the drive for exactly the same price except for the promo. Amazon is a few bucks more even with free shipping with Prime so wasn’t going to use them.
Anyways, those of you thinking of buying one get it from their regular site and use the promo and save almost 10 bucks. It is supposed to be good till this Thursday.

I just figured out what I did wrong on my search. I put in LG BH16SN40 which is a similar drive:doh:


Hello and a Happy New Year to you all,
I’ve just received today the ASUS BC-12D2HT here in the UK as I left it too late for the preferred LG BH16NS40 model and couldn’t get hold of one.

There are plenty of discussions in relation to the LG drives but no mention of the Asus drive I purchased but I do note on a previous post by philwashere that ‘all firmware is good’ for this and I’ve not seen any firmware for it on the web anywhere.

Anyone here have the ASUS BC-12D2HT and am I right in thinking that its just a rebadged LG anyway?

Secondly I’ve not installed it yet as I’m waiting for the second part of my order, the Icybox External Enclosure to run it from and wondered will having it in an external enclosure have any detrimental effect on the reading of UHD discs?



Hey everyone. FYI, Fry’s seems to be swapping out some of their drives. I dropped by today. The LG BE16NU50 hasn’t been restocked, and Asus BW-16D1HT stock was also very low. (Both had safe FW when I bought them.) However, they now have the LG WH16NS40 and LG BH16NS40 in stock (and the LG WH16NS60, which they’ve had for months). The “W” drive is an OEM model that comes in a plastic bag and nothing else, and Fry’s seems to have a ton of them. The “B” drive is a full retail drive and not as fully stocked, but there are still quite a few. I bought the “W” drive. (Sadly, the guy wouldn’t price match it since it’s OEM, but feel free to try at your local Fry’s. Newegg has it for cheaper. You might get lucky. I’m guessing the “B” drive would’ve been price matched but it was way more expensive and is basically the same drive, or so I’ve read.) While I haven’t hooked it up yet, it does have the NS50 code, and the label says it’s from July '17 and has 1.02 FW. I seriously doubt LG recalled these drives, flashed them all, and then sent them out the door again. So, it’s probably safe, but wait for my report if you’re nervous, and open the bag (sealed by tape anyway) to confirm the label if you go get one. The “B” drives are probably safe too but I didn’t want to open the packaging or buy yet another drive. (I now have three official and three friendly drives!)

Don’t worry, friendly drives aren’t going away just yet! You should buy soon but it’ll probably be at least 2-3 months before all shops work through their current stock. All bets are off at that point, but for now, there are still options.

EDIT: Hooked up my WH16NS40 from Fry’s. It’s happily ripping away. That said, like my WH16NS60, it refuses to even acknowledge the presence of my “The Bridge on the River Kwai” disc. :confused: Oh well. That’s (sadly) why I have a variety of drives!


I recently got my third UHD ‘friendly’ drive. I thought I had ordered a WH16NS40 and it appears I ordered the WH14NS40 in reality. As it turns out, the WH14 is FASTER than the WH16. This is especially noticeable with regular BD rips. I see a marginal improvement with the UHD VUKs and the same speed with DeUHD. So, if you are in the market for a new ‘friendly’ drive don’t be afraid to give the WH14NS40 model a go. My guess is it will be easier to find in stock as everyone has been jumping on the WH16 model.


been unsuccessful in finding a drive in the list but wondered if the LG BH16NS50.ASAR10B Internal SATA 16x BD-RW is an ok drive to get? anyone know what SVC code is needed on this drive, along with firmware version? it does have the ‘M-DISC’ on the tray and not on the bottom part of the drive and as far as i can see, it also has the curved line under the tray opening button. any advice would be appreciated