The ultimate Ultra HD Blu-ray 'friendly' drive list - with recommendation of best


Can’t you downgrade the firmware back to 1.01?
I actually own the BE14NU40, the predecessor from 2014.


Is it not possible to enable UHD-BD on older BD drives via firmware hack?


Ironically, when I originally bought my WH16NS40 a few years ago I went out of my way to find one with the original metallic face plate because I thought it looked better. At the time there was no distinction made between them, and UHD wasn’t really a thing.

Fast forward to today, and here I am re-ordering the newer (uglier) version. :slight_smile:


@TL7 - Maybe? There’s probably a flag somewhere in the firmware that tells it to not downgrade. If you can flip the bit or otherwise trick the firmware, you can probably downgrade. How do you do that? Beats me!


I now have 2 x LG BH16NS55 and they have a SVC Code of NS55 & FW of 1.02 which work. For Australian users they are A$99 at Scorptec. Pic attached of the sticker.


Hello. I’m thinking a list of drives with known firmwares (good and bad) would be a good idea, especially now that LG is trying to trick people into downgrading by upgrading, so to speak. Here’s what I have. This list also covers certified drives, which I suppose could get patched at some point to defeat DeUHD or future tools.

Note that, as of Dec. 2017, LG started manufacturing drives containing bad firmware. The drives started showing up in stores the following month. It may be necessary to either find a brick-and-mortar shop (e.g., Fry’s or Micro Center) and inspect the stock they have, or use some techno-black magic to downgrade the firmware on drives with bad factory-installed firmware. Patched Asus drives haven’t shown up as of Jan. 2018 but it’s likely they’ll start to show up as of Feb/Mar 2018. If you receive such a drive, look up the “DOSFlash” recovery method. You’ll need to flash the firmware and laser calibration data but your drive will be successfully downgraded.

Buffalo BRUHD-PU3 - BU10 is good (including the 1.02 FW update), BU11 is bad and has been shipping from retailers since at least the beginning of 2018
LG BP60NB10 - 1.00 is good?
LG BU40N - 1.01 is probably good, and 1.02 is probably bad
LG BU50N - 1.00 is good?
LG WH16NS60 - 1.00 is good, N1.01 is bad

FRIENDLY (VUK usage via libaacs/MakeMKV/AnyDVD HD/etc., and MakeMKV’s “hashed key” format)
Asus BW-12B1ST (Manufactured no earlier than 2015) - NOT FRIENDLY AFTER ALL (Confirmed here to be incorrectly listed elsewhere.)
Asus BC-12D2HT (Manufactured no earlier than 2015) - All firmware is good?
Asus BW-16D1H-U A201 (Manufactured no earlier than 2015) - All firmware is good?
Asus BW-16D1HT (Variant 1? - Manufactured no earlier than 2015) - 1.01 is bad (Thanks to @Ravenhearst)
Asus BW-16D1HT (Variant 2? - Manufactured no earlier than 2015) - 3.00, 3.01, and 3.02 are all good, 3.03 is reportedly bad
Asus BW-16D1HT-PRO (Manufactured no earlier than 2015) - 3.00 is good (Thanks to @Pans)
LG BE16NU50 - 1.01 is good, 1.02 is bad
LG BH16NS40 (SVC code NS50) - 1.02 is probably good, with 1.03 reportedly having a 2014 version that works while the 2017 version is bad.
LG BH16NS55 - 1.02 is good and 1.03 is probably bad (Thanks to @jmone1 and @roadworker)
LG BU30N - Can’t find support page, so maybe all versions are good???
LG WH14NS40 (SVC code NS50) - N1.02 is good and N1.03 is bad (Drive confirmed to work despite not being on Arusoft’s drive list.)
LG WH16NS40 (SVC code NS50) - 1.02 is good and 1.03 is bad (Thanks to @monte1)
LG WH16NS58 - N1.V1 is probably good, N1.V2 is probably bad.

Decrypt UHD-BD... but from a external 5.25" enclosure
AACS 2.0 Volume Keys FAQ
Asus BW16D1HT $63.73 delivered

1.02 is the latest for WH16NS40 as 1.03 breaks UHD disc readability.


Hola , me he comprado la unidad Buffalo BRUHD-PU3 , pero me viene con firmware BU10, alguien sabe como podria cambiarlo al 1,02


Hello, I have bought me the unit Buffalo BRUHD-PU3, but it me comes with firmware BU10, someone it can podria change like to the 1,02 thank you


At least from v 1.00 up to 1.02 is working…


ASUS BW16D1HT is on sale at newegg fro $59 after rebate in the usa…


@mecmec, I’ve moved your post to ‘The ultimate Ultra HD Blu-ray ‘friendly’ drive list’ topic :wink: Do you also have a link? Then feel free to directly post a link so everyone can benefit from your excellent find! :smiley:


@roadworker, thanks, I updated the original news post with credits to you, excellent information to have :wink:


We all want our fellow members to choose the correct drive,don’t we ?..:bigsmile:
AFAICS,only the NewEgg link in the news post has the correct 1 listed,all others show the gen 1…:givewink:


@imorente - Assuming I’m reading you correctly, you’re asking where you can get the 1.02 FW for the BRUHD-PU3 drive. It’s here. I think it’s still the latest version, and it’s the last version I’d bother installing given the possibility that a new version could break DeUHD support.


FYI - One of my drives is the LG BU40N (laptop drive in a USB 3 Slim Enclosure by Archgon). I’ve now had a couple of discs scratched by this drive where the disc was left in overnight to rip (and the drive keeps spinning all night even when it has finished ripping). Found it hard to get a good re-rip on these scratched discs though it did work in the end.


Hey everyone. Just as a heads up, I fired up PowerDVD 14 (UHD BD version, which I installed on a lark) a couple of days ago on my old HTPC. When I did, it said there was new firmware for my drive, and it asked if I wanted to install the firmware. I didn’t have any of my rip drives plugged in (all are USB or in USB enclosures), so I guess it was talking about the installed drive (LG, coincidentally enough, but an old drive from 2010)? I find it very strange that PowerDVD is offering to update a 7-year-old drive that, AFAIK, has never had a firmware update.

In any event, if anybody has PowerDVD, stay vigilant. PowerDVD never did anything like this before the 4K leaks started. I think it’s safe to assume that Hollywood is leaning on PowerDVD to plug holes any way they can. I can only hope there isn’t some sort of silent update module that updates the firmware without permission. If so, I guess there are always class action lawsuits. :slight_smile:


That got me thinking about Windows pushing out a Firmware Update…


Yeah, there’s that too. I don’t think it’ll happen but people should definitely set up WU such that they have to approve what’s installed.


+1 - that is what I’ve done.