The ultimate solution for SafeDisc 2?

I just posted the article The ultimate solution for SafeDisc 2 ?.

Force used our newssubmit to tell us about CDbeta, if this program does what it promises, this is THE ultimate tool for backing up Safedisc protected games. It does not need special hardware, it…

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well i’m going to give this a whirl, seems the first button scans for the sectors that cant be written, and the second will modify them, trying max payne right now.

It work’s. I just burned Max Payne with my Plex 12/10/32A and it now loads from my DVD-ROM.

Seems Yahoo picked this msg up already :frowning: page gone … Can someone who downloaded it already provide some mirrors?

just finished burning with my liteon 12101b, will NOT load on the burner, WILL load with my afreey 50x cdrom…cool

Sounds okay. But i doub’t the way it does the trick. But who cares anyway. If it just does it’s job, then it’s sure a Thumbs up from me :slight_smile:

Is there an english version to this app. Also what is the Max.iso used for. I think that this will be cool, if I can understand how it works.

CW-KaReL, wtf are u talking about, the page is on geocities and still works. mbasidiq: Max.iso is the first sectors of Max Payne, with the SD2 sectors still inttact, so you can try the app out on it.

After installing the 1.01 patch for Max Payne the game doesn’t load from the burner anymore but it still loads from my Toshiba DVD-ROM.

Whether it’ s Geocities or not, the page doesn’t load…

cool thanks. lets see if this is going to work.

OK, got it now… I’ll give it a shot… When it’s translated to english!!!

What can I say :). It works with Max Payne using Plextor 121032A as burner and also works on Sony 48x IDE. Now for even more _) It works after patching.

Correction! :c After the update to 1.01 playing from my Plextor 121032 did not work. I had insektor running in the background with the “Hide CDR/RW” checked. Obviously the “new” version of Safedisc 2 also checks for the CD info. Just like Securom 2. It asks the cdr/rw what type of cd is in the drive, if it returns something like " it a 80 min …bla bla" then it must be a copy! Well I recomed using Insektors as it is not blacklisted by Macrovision. BUT! IT WORKS ON MY SONY 48X CDROM DRIVE :slight_smile:

hehehe … german tool … nyahahahahah cool prog :4 viruz

So then Max Payne Update 1.01 has a blacklist for burners… Well as long as it works from your regular CD-rom drive… This seems promising… It would be great to patch a cd from the image of the original and then burn it…

For a better translation of that site to English go here

ok. Black & White worked :slight_smile:

I just posted this on JustCDR found something intresting about this program !! Read. I didn’t have any SafeDisk2 games, so I thought I would try a SafeDisk 1 CD and see what would happen (Fifa 2001), and it works prefect !! I read the CD at 24x (only suppose to read at 4x for a copy protected CDs) on the Mitsumi 4804TE Writer, ran that program “BetaBlocker” and then I burned the CD at 4x. Top Program !! :slight_smile:

I backed up my original Alice, modified the img with this program. Worked in my DVD ROM when burned with Plex 121032A :slight_smile: In this program the left button scans the img for sd2 sectors. The right button adjusts them.