The ultimate Olevia BD-100 thread

I’ve just read that there is a $229 BD-Player available at Target from Olevia and I was hoping to start a thread here that combines all information about this Blu-ray player.

Information I’ve found till now:

[li] Price & Availability: $229 at Target stores[/li][li] 1080p output[/li][li] Dolby TrueHD support[/li][li] HDMI / component sockets[/li][li] Coaxial / Toslink digital audio ports[/li][li] Backlit remote[/li][/ul]

Are there people who can supply more information about the device and best of all, share experiences or other places to buy it (preferably cheaper :bigsmile:)

Cheap price for starting a blu-ray collection and upconverting your current DVD.

How is this Olevia compare to other $200-ish player eq Insignia NS-BRDVD $229, Sylvania NB500 $279?