The ULTIMATE burner ever released!

Looks like my Plextor PX-708 is finally near death. I’m currently looking for the ULTIMATE ‘kick-ass’ burner which can do the following:

-Must be able to burn single layer DVD+R TY (Taiyo Yuden) 8X or 16X media at 4X speed (I’m looking for QUALITY and not speed)

-Must also be able to burn CD TY media with excellent results.

-I won’t be doing scans so don’t care about the feature but if it comes with scanning ability then that’s fine.

-Must be EIDE/IDE and not SATA.

-Good ripper. Don’t care about speed just quality no matter how long I have to wait.

-I would like to keep my budget around $50 so that means not another expensive Plextor (BUT if Plextor is the best choice then let me know)

***PLEASE, only experienced, knowledgable, experts reply! I’m always posting and helping people in multiple forums and I would extremely appreciate the favor in helping me out in this time of need (That means BIG thank you for replying and helping me out)!

Pioneer 111. Excellent all around burner. Burn’s TY +R media at 8x or 12x beautifully. BTW, burning at a lower speed is a myth with today’s high speed media which is optimized for higher speeds.

I don’t really understand why people are so obsessed with perfection on this stuff.

Major drive makers put out some great products, and some of them are in the $30 range and do a great job.

Lite-On 160/165 series - $30-$40 - awesome.
Pioneer - $50-$75 - great stuff.
Plextor - $100 - 760 series - popular but I am not sure worth the money.

I like when drives can do hardware quality scans, bit setting and read just about everything. As long as I can read the disks back in most drives, I’m good go go.

But hey, I’m just a normal dude. Whatever floats the boat.

These are all old models, so firmware updates will be unlikley, so why not get the latest and the best. I recommend the liteon LH-18A1P which can be crossflashed to the LH-20A1P, which give great quality burns. Check out some of the scans here on this thread:

So you prefer to rely on drive manufacturers making drives with greater & greater error tolerances rather than drives which actually write better…

I agree, Liteon160/165 are great proven drives. Been around long enough to show that they are great readers, can do quality scans, bitsetting capable and do a good job at burning. What more could you ask for?
I think that a BenQ 1640, 1650 and 1655 might beat them by a little bit on burn quality with certian media but they are getting few and far between.
“jhtalisman” is correct. Burning at or close to the speed that the disc is rated will almost always produce a better quiality burn than burning too slow.

We had great writing drives - but BenQ sold out to Lite-On… :frowning:

Thankfully, Lite-On 160/165 series seems to be quite good. But I do still wish that BenQ was making drives.


I think finding a drive which gives optimal burn quality on both CD & DVD recordable media may be impossible.

For DVD media, you may want to consider either a BenQ 1640/50/55 which should still have availability in the USA as rebadged drives (there are some threads in BenQ forum with details). The only other drive I have seen wide positive comments for from experienced users is the Pioneer 111, though [B]DrageMester[/B] has reported that there is variability in the quality of the drives.

There is another drive which may fit your requirements for DVD write quality [I]but[/I] it is not in your $50 budget :wink: , the Plextor BD-R PX-B900A which has very good write quality with at least 8x TY media (tested on a professional disc analyzer).

“Ultimate” burner -> wishful thinking.

Update: I’m still researching and reading comments in other forums and at Newegg. I really appreciate the comments so far. At the moment, the two models that I’m taking a close look at are the following:

Lite-On 165H6S
Pioneer 111D

I’m having a hard time deciding which would be best for me that matches my criteria. I want to make sure I make a good choice so I’m letting this thread continue this weekend and will make my pruchase on Monday December 18. Further comments are VERY much welcomed in helping me make a choice. It’s good to know that people are out there to help others when needed.

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i need to know whats the best dvd burner and whats the best dvd reader , i dont care as far as price goes but i want the best . i have a xps 700 i belive 80 pin ide cables and a owner of anydvd and clonedvd2 so i update always …

added : oh the reason why i mention that i have anydvd clonedvd2? simpel cuz some dvd burners/readers handle better copy protected dvsd and some dont , and i use ty ( tayio youden 8x dvd-r) TYG02 media i sometimes use playo branded and sometimes ty 16 x


as you requested excellent results with TY CD-R media in your initial post, consider another drive for that purpose.
I own a Sony DW-G120A, which is the same hardware as Liteon SHM-165P6S (=165H6S minus Lightscribe). I am absolutely not happy with the CD writing capabilities of that drive, especially with TY CD-R media. Maybe a firmware upgrade will fix this. Haven’t tried the new firmwares MYS6 or MS0R yet.


the best burn speeds are speeds just under the rated speed. for instance yuden t02 at 6x and mcc004 at 8x for the pio 111d. i’m pretty sure many people will agree with me on the fact if you burn them at below a certain preferred speed then scans won’t be good. each drive has a preferred speed and i’m pretty sure 4x for both yuden t02 and tyg03/t03 is not it for any drive.

i’d recommend the pioneer 111d.

anyone ???

Update: Well, it’s Sunday and looks like I made my final choice which is the Pioneer 111D. I’ll be ordering this on Monday. I just had one more question. I’ve always burned my media both CD & DVD at 4x to get a nice deep quality burn. I noticed some comments suggested burning media at just under the actual speed rating of the media for best quality. Is this true?

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Yes. Dvd’s at or just under and CD’s at about half, music especially.

The Pio will burn most quality media (Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim, etc) between a 95-99 quality score. 8x Yuden’s @ 8x and 16x+R Verbs at 12x.

Does Pioneers firmware support bitsetting dvd+r yet?