The Uber Christmas Thread

I know it’s not December but hey.

Sat down writting out all of the people I have to post cards to but presents for. The presents kind of scared me.

Related Family - 8 People
Extended Family - 18 People

Cards - Far to many. I think a value box pack will have to be bought.

How many have you got to send out this year?

My family is scattered far and wide, so there’s only my mum to buy for in that respect.

Cards, far too many to count :eek:…but family and friends presents…about 10 people I think, and obviously my mum gets more than one. :wink:


I’ve got 12 nieces and nephews to buy for, plus all the brothers / sisters, parents, and a bunch of friends, plus their kids. About 27 in total I think :eek:

It gets pretty expensive… I’ve done about half the shopping so far, and am glad Amazon exists so I don’t have to actually go out shopping, wrap anything or mail it overseas. (Oh so lazy :slight_smile: )

friends from college…family every where…and a few …from here…:wink: so it looks like 50+

Mine … arrr …
/me suspects this year will be the “It’s the thought that counts” year :stuck_out_tongue:

My parents have forbidden everyone from buying presents this year, cos everyones rich enough to buy whatever they want for themselves, and anything given as a present is either gonna be junk, or gonna be expensive … and either way is just gonna sit in the cupboard unused until it eventually gets thrown/given away :stuck_out_tongue:

Everyone gets cards though :wink:
Probably about 30ish.

whoo hooo
/me waits by the mail box for her card from her brother Debro …

Not much into Xmas. No family per se. But I do like Almond Roca. And Winter is my fave time of year weather wise.

Aww Bearded…we are all family here!

I was foster kid so that kinda is why. I’m totally cool with it. I have very little emotional baggage cause I’m all about independence. :slight_smile:

its a good thing for you that i don’t have your addy…cause you WOULD be getting a card from moi!

They filter my mail here at the prison… lol…

aww so no Christmas cards with nudie pics of me and stuff then huh ??


Thank goodness for email attachments. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Who needs Christmas when you give gifts for no good reason anyway? :bigsmile:

Christmas has turned into an exchange of gift-cards, it seems like. Everyone should just keep their money and buy themselves what they want… lol