The two towers leaks online?

I just posted the article The two towers leaks online?.

Is it a rumor or is it true?? My personal opinion it is fake people on the irc asking each other all day for it. Also a whole lot of websites on the internet have posted this story but no one seems…

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Every movie that ends with ‘to be continued’ sucks. :frowning:

Listen cdrfreak, ANYONE (!) and I say anyone who knows anything about ANYTHING knows that the Lord of the Rings is the best book/movie trilogy of the century. It is seperated in parts because the breath taking scope of the amazing quest is so big that it had to be seperated into 6 books, later compiled in three, and the movies follow the three book series. It’s not meant to be a “to be continued so we can make more money” sort of movie. It’s so great that in order to do justice to Tolkien’s mind boggling trilogy it had to be seperated into three 3 hour movies. 'Nuff said. You obviously prove yourself to be one of the poor few who have not read any of Tolkien’s work. I reccomend you read the Lord of the Rings trilogy and THEN post something. Also, I hope that the leak IS true, 'cuz I CAN’T WAIT!!! Peace out.

Yeah, right on neXusJ… Best books ever, and it would be totally retarded to cram so much into ONE 3 hour movie… it’d be like saying the RIAA is all cool with their shennanigans… it just would not be justice. cdrfreak…read The Hobbit as well… thats only one book so you won’t get antsy with the “to be continued” in the 1st two of the trilogy of The Lord of The Rings. If your attention span is that short, what’re you doing watching full length movies at all? go back to 5min clips on SNL.

I agree that a film like L.O.T.R. Movie Trilogy and other films of its caliber must be seen on the big screen… Anyone watching some telesync instead of going to the theater and supporting movies like these needs a wake up call.

nEXusJ, if that is true, why do they wait a whole year between each movie release? By the time I see the second one, I will have forgotton what the first one was about, and I’ll have to buy the DVD to be reminded. Then again when the third one comes out. Is that deliberately done? I’ve heard that all three were made at the same time. Why didn’t they release them all only a few months apart instead of a whole year?

I purchased the Two Towers in paperback, sequel too the Fellowship of the Ring, and look forward to a good read. I am trying too track down the 1st book and the 3rd book :slight_smile: a very wise investment in deed. The Film Fellowship of the Ring is worth many oscars it is pure magic. JJR Tolkien is the best author in my opinion and too produce that film following the book without deviating makes him a genius in my eyes! Anyone care too disagree? Cus lets see you produce a trilogy, in a nutshell, not a chance in hell, yer head is in the clouds. Greets from a tired Diplomat :8 Even though my xp pro trashed twice in 2 days, I still didn’t give in and reinstalled and configured everthing and all me major progs. Ahh well life goes on :4

Kafoopsy - they’re release each part once a year to make more money

nEXusJ, I agree Lord of the Rings is a good book (books), but it’s not coming close to Dune!! I’ve got both series and Dune kicks Lord of the Rings big time (I’f you’ve read Dune you know I’m right). Read carefully, I’m not saying Lord of the Rings is a bad book, only Dune is much much much better.

Lord Of The Rings is just a mediabitch… I can’t find anything new in it… Indeed it is a good story, and a good movie… like many others. Things such as Never Ending Story or Dune, starwars, has atleast the same story value as LOTR… LOTR is just, Yet Another Story…

If this is true…with their purported ACE security shouldn’t the makers/distributors be looking in their own backyard for the leak. I’m cynical enough to believe they leak it themselves so they can continue to ride the pirate/terrorist bandwagon…:7

First things first everyones opinion is different and no ones is right or wrong. Second I too have read ALL the Dune novels and agree Frank Herbert is indeed a brilliant writer as are many other writers. HOWEVER he is not even anywhere near Tolkiens league the LOTR is by far a much more engrossing, thought out, developed story. The sheer level of detail in 1 book alone pisses on the whole Dune universe (which is excellent). This just shows how unbelievable Tolkien is. LOL @ Zyron comparining Never Ending Story to LOTR. Movie wise you may be right in saying Star Wars is as good if not better but as far as a book goes LOL LOL LOL

It was an example of a story, which had a movie debut… AND not to compare with ANY story. I’m not the evil book geek, sorry about that. But there isn’t any new/exciting concepts in LOTR that i haven’t seen in any other adventures…

Of course you don’t see any new concepts in this movie. Every one has stolen the ideas from Tolkien and put it in his own movie. Tolkien is the inspiration for almost all adventures. Tolkien got his inspiration from Scandinavian stories of the Middle Ages and the Arthur legends :slight_smile:

And i bet Cdrfreak was one of those that complained 3 hours was too long for the movie. Just because some movies that are ‘to be continued’ arent that gr8 doesnt mean all of them.

First of all what you should know, if you dont allready, is that in 1954 when LOTR was first published there was no starwars saga, no dune, no neverending story or whatver you wanna throw in there. tolkein was breaking new ground with these books it is the scale that all other great works of fantasy or sci-fi are measured by. lotr gave birth you might say to dungeons and dragons and is the inspiration for so many movies and books it staggers the imagination. to compare it to something like the neverending story is like compareing an Eminem cd to one of mozarts “the magic flute” one more thing i thought id mention, from what ive read JRR tolkeins works werent appriciated until well after his death which i guess explains in part why its taken so long for the books to finally be made into a movie. i was very supprised at how well they did in this. usually the movie is never as good as the book, but in this case it came very close. one think about TTT is ive heard that they for some reason decided to cut tom bombadil out, i hope this is not true but thats what the rumor is. can anyone verify that? or am i the only one who remembers tom bombadil? RJ :4

Bitch slap for me… I can take it… But u cannot say that in the year 2002, LOTR Movie is new thing, no matter where the ideas originated. If it were released in 70’s it might have been. But hey, they we’re too late…

Why do lotr fans always react so emotional when lotr is criticized? :slight_smile: To me lotr was just another movie. It was nice, well made but nothing really special. And I really hate this ‘to be continued’ thing :wink:

Because, it’s just not another movie. Read my lips: 1954. It was written in 1954. All other sci-fi/fantasy works are DERIVITIVE. Hobbits/Halflings and Orcs and many other creatures were CREATED by J.R.R. Tolkien. AGAIN, I say, read the books, THEN make an informed post.

tom bombadil was in the FIRST book - FOTR, so yes of course he was cut out, u already know that!