The TV-OUT stopped working

So here’s the deal. A few days ago i decided to unplug my scart-adapter connected to the tv since I had to remodel the room, anyway… the next day I re-plugged the adapter and suddenly neither my drivers nor tvtool could detect the tv/chip/connection anymore. I’m using an ASUS GF3 Ti500 and it has always worked flawlessly until this moment. I tried three different driver versions (30.82, 41.09, 43.45), no go. I tried the adapter on another scart/tv, no go. I tried switching the input/output on the scart-adapter with adressed reboots of course, but no go. After a while i noticed that the adapter itself was a in bit of a bad shape, probably due to the fact that it’s 2 years old. So I went and bought a new one, plugged it in but with the same results. I did all the tests mentioned above with the new adapter. I would hate to think that there was something wrong with my composit cable or my graphics card/chip. Any way to go through certain tests to find the bad source?

Any help is appreciated, i sure do need it.

If Tvtool is not able to find a specific tv-out chip, you can stop searching for the problem in your cables/scart-connector. First solve that problem.

Did you try a reinstall of Tvtool?

I did re-install TvTool and now it found the chip, but the card drivers still don’t. I can switch to TV-Mode in TvTool but the Tv-screen only shows black. If i test the audio only the sound from the tv is extremely low, i will try it on another tv later on in case the scart is bad on the main tv.
I’ll keep experimenting throughout the day.

Thanks for replying.

Tried almost everything. No go :a