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How come nobidy has reviewed the QPS Que 24x drives other than the big magazines? I don’t really trust the mags anyway. I want to hear from the small, the people that actaully are critical about hardware.

I have heard that the 4mb QUE! 24x is exactly like the Plextor 24x. The Que! has to be the 4mb version. That’s what I was told anyways.

I was looking at getting but there seem to be nothing juicy on this drive. What can it do and not do? Are there better options? I mean, this thing is fairly cheap for what it can do…

If it is like a Plex, will it right in RAW mode?:rolleyes:


Heck, I have never even heard of this brand…

Originally posted by Da_Taxman
Heck, I have never even heard of this brand…
That makes two of us :rolleyes:

well to start things off, their website is

You all have never heard of them? Hmmm…
The company started out for catering to Mac’s only. Now they have branched over to the PC side of thing’s. I have heard nothing bad about them except for, “their USB burner sucks.”
What USB burner doesn’t suck?..all USB burners do!

If the Que is exactly like the Plextor for ~$150 US dollars, i might just get one unless someone can tell not too.

If the PLextor 24X can do SD2, can I assume this Que will too?

Originally posted by arumi
If the PLextor 24X can do SD2, can I assume this Que will too?
If they have the same internal hardware (like chipset, firmware? etc) it should indeed also be able to do SD2 but like I said I don’t know these writers…

I own 2 QPS drives! Yes I dared to be different, and guess what? The QPS 24X IDE internal is awesome. Copied everything under the sun correctly. However, the QPS 16X firewire external is giving me some problems…IL2 sturmovik (see clonecd forum). Supposedly, both drives are Plextor rips and even use plextor firmware updates.

I would recommend the QPS 24X internal ($129 US). however, the Lite-on is cheaper (and it is $99 US).

The system that burned:
PIII 400
QPS 24x10x40 internal IDE
I don’t know the innards of this computer that well, as I didn’t really care at that time.

The system that won’t:
AMD Duron 1Ghz
QPS firewire external 16x10x40
PC chips motherboard SiS735chipset
52X Samsung CDROM

Now I’m stuck deciding if I want to buy the Lite-On or just go for the gold and get the Plextor in the AMD system.

I never heard of the brand either. So let’s make it three :slight_smile:

As a matter of fact, it can be for 99% a Plextor-alike drive. Sometimes, brands like these rebadge a drive and modify just one thing: the BIOS.
And yes, that can be bad. Sometimes they mod the BIOS in a way that it becomes impossible to use “generic” firmware on a drive (so QPS drives would never accept any Plextor firmware) and that again could make it impossible to perform certain actions (SD2 copying for instance)…

p.s. I am not saying that this applies to this matter, but it just COULD be!

The QPS Que! 24x cdrw is not a plextor. There are two versions the older one is made by Sanyo and the more recent by TEAC.

just letting u guys know