The truth about Windows XP activation

I just posted the article The truth about Windows XP activation.

Betanews has a nice article about the product activation of Microsoft’s upcoming Operating System Windows XP. The article tells us the procedure Microsoft has in mind and also about Microsoft’s view…

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Maybe some microsoft employee will help us :d

Removing a registry key as antipirary measure?? Ha Ha!! Like that’s going to stop anything :d To be fair I guess atleast the guy deserves some credit for saying it WILL be cracked(Impressive insights there huh! :wink: ) which it WILL be in a matter of days at the most. “If it’s human made…”

It is the same method as used in “Mijn Rijbewijs/Mon Permit” It took some months for that program to be ‘key-genned’, because simply there weren’t enough ppl wanting it. I bet XP is ‘key-genned’ before it’s officially released.

I doubt that they will succeed in making a keygen for Windows XP… But a crack will without a doubt surface pretty fast after the final version is released!

thats correct, but if you read the the whole story you’ll find out that the main goal of this protection is to stop “occasionally” pirates (ex. borrowig a office cd from youre friend and installing it on youre pc would make you a occ. pirate) they know it wont stop the “real” pirates :slight_smile:

holding us back? how does 3 hours grab you!

I remember many years when a game called Robocop came out on the Amiga, it needed a dongle to be present. They simply reverse engineered the code, stripped the dongle checking routines, and remastered it. So there is no need for a debate about Windows XP Crack. WHAT CAN BE DONE VIA SOFTWARE CAN BE UNDONE. Product activation, is infact a breach of the end users privacy, in a sense it falls under the data protection act, so MS better remove it, or else they will be sued by millions globally because MS has been looking what is on yer home PC. In other words they are hacking, which is a criminal act, and MS could end up behind bars. :4

Amen!!! :wink:


I am no computer expert, but i have seen some amazing cracks. I am from Pakistan. and Pakistan and India are the bigest markets for chineas cracked software. In front of chineas crackers this windos xp thing is nothing. just last week I received an e mail form my friend (who still lives in Pakista). He bought the full version of Office 2000 cracked for 1.5 dollars. He also bought a software known as 3d studio max (which uses hardware lock and requires a phone activatione) for 5 dollars. sorry microsoft but you are still screwed :c . and about casual copies, almost all of the young generation and kids are living in computer world, they know how to copy a cd on their cd burner and download a crack from some Taiwan Web site.

I need the keygen for mijn rijbewijs I read TAFKAP cracked the code good work, please let me know where I can find it at

anyone has keygenerator for mijn rijbewijs zonder omwegen?

Interceptor :+ Although I hate to blow the microsoft trumpet, product activation doesn’t infringe end-user privacy. It is a client-end hardware hash created by the software that is sent to Microsoft, and there is no way (I think…) to reverse engineer this hash. Even if it is reverse engineerable, what would be the point?