The truth about the Pioneer A03 and certified media

I just posted the article The truth about the Pioneer A03 and certified media.

As we earlier reported, the Pioneer A03 (one of the most populair DVD writers at the moment) is rather picky with media it can write at 2 speed.

Here is a reply from Memorex, that makes…

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LOL, memorex do not manufacture any media theirself. They just buy it from the places where they could get it cheapest…and those cheap manufacturers do not make good enough DVD-R media :8 I’ve seen memorex CD-R discs produced by: ritek, prodisc, MPO, postech, and CMC Magnetics(real crap).

So uhm, do I read this like, pioneer decides what medium is approved (read: allowed?) to be used with the pioneer drive? Isn’t that like, bad? Wouldn’t it be nicer if the software just sais: “This medium isn’t meant to be used at 2 speed, successful burning is not guaranteed? Do you want to continue? [Yes] [No, I’m a coward]” Or something like that? Looks a little like THEY want to controll what mediums can be used. :slight_smile:

They already cracked the region protection in the firmware (v1.65 and v1.65), next they’ll better crack that stupid speedcheck. If ppl want to risk to get a bad burn on cheap media, it’s their business, not Pioneer’s.

wtf? apple media works fine on 2x on a pioneer a03

Apple media is Pioneer OEM.

I think the computer industry abuses early adopters. It’s one thing for early adopters to bear the brunt or R&D costs, that’s above-board and generally accepted. But to use them as beta testers for a purchased product is a bit low.

Apple media? Anything with Apple on it is a rebranded, marked-up version of something else.

Say what you will about Memorex discs, but their website has got the best info on CD-Rs and DVDs. Check out their FAQs on the technical section.