The truth about ripping quality

NO - I don’t know it but as I want to rip all my CDs to hard drive in the next few weeks I want to buy an external unit for doing it. I will most likely use EAC and FLAC as I want perfect copies since I will be playing from the hard drive through good quality audio gear. I don’t really trust my 2 yr old Dell Laptop’s CD/DVD drive for doing it, and don’t want it to crap out from overuse. Are there CD/DVD drives that are considered to provide more reliable/perfect rips? I gather Plextors are not made by Plextor any more … and what about c2 correction; some say to use others say not?


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With EAC, any decent CD reader will do fine if EAC is properly set to work with it, which is important: you want “secure” rip all the way, but also you MUST set all drives options properly, only then will you get “perfect” copies. There are good EAC tutorials on the web, you can google for it.

Now you can get faster rips with specific drives, i.e. those that report C2. Then the app doesn’t read each sector twice and rely on the C2 reporting of the drive, thus much faster rips. A LiteOn drive should be fine for this purpose. Plextor drives are more expensive but still have an edge for this kind of work, and they are still “genuine” Plextor with the exception of the 740 which is actually a Benq 1640 (doesn’t report C2 in a way that is compatible with EAC).

A NEC DVD-RW drive should also be fine for this purpose, and they are also excellent CDR writers for audio. But if (some of) your original discs are in poor condition, a LiteOn or a Plextor will do better I think.

The Plextor 800/810 aren’t Plextor-made either. :wink:

My LiteOn does the job very nicely, as does my NEC - although I do find the rips have less errors when using my LiteOn.

Thanks for the info, I stand corrected. :slight_smile:

My LiteOn does the job very nicely, as does my NEC - although I do find the rips have less errors when using my LiteOn.
I don’t quite get it, a correct rip with EAC should have no errors at all…?! (unless the original disc is SO damaged that even EAC’s error correction can’t set things right, of course). This is assuming that error correction has been set to “high” of course. :slight_smile:
Do you mean there are less reading errors reported by EAC with the LiteOn? I wouldn’t be surprised… Do you activate the C2 feature of both drives in EAC BTW?

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If serious & have a lot of audio.
Then Plextor is still the one.
In particular (still made[just]) Plextor Premium II CDRW.
Expensive but still a King Of Drives. :bigsmile:

Yeah, I was talking about really damaged discs, my bad, I should have mentioned that. However, yeah I have noticed less read errors reported with the LiteOn, which is why it’s the drive I generally use for my ripping. Yeah I do activate the C2 feature for both drives.

Either way, when all is said and done, I like my LiteOn for ripping shrugs :slight_smile:

Edit: to be fair, I only use EAC when I get bored with CDex. However, general ripping (that is, with no “secure mode” equivalents enabled) in CDex shows the LiteOn to be a more tolerant reader as well, overlooking many errors on the disc.

Thanks to all. I have spent some time setting EAC and FLAC, and have actually tried to also use AccurateRip. I will surf what exists as far as online computer stuff goes (I’m in Brussels where online retailing has hardly developed) and will see if I can find an a LiteOn - any model recommended?
This may not be the place for it but … I am having trouble with AccurateRip. I have loaded accuraterip.dll from c:\program files\illustrate\dbpoweramp into the EAC folder but can not get AccurateRip running. The instructions are not as detailed as for EAC. So I tried to install again and get the following message: “C:\Docs and setting… emp internet files\content.IE5\9EIPRSTJ\dMC-AccurateRip[1].exe is not a valid Win32 application” I would appreciate some advice about how to proceed


Try this online shop (located in Soignies), I’m quite happy with it. Good price and personalised service. :slight_smile:

Also from Begium, you can order from Germany and England at competitive prices even for delivery, it’s only blank media that other countries won’t ship because of the new belgian laws. My favorite online shop is an english one, SVP

Also, Cora (there’s one in Brussels) often sells LiteOn drives. I hate Cora’s customer service, but if you’re in a hurry…

I spoke too soon about online retailing in Belgium. I’ll try the Cora tomorrow, although I woukld like to solve my AccurateRip problem ASAP so that I can start ripping. I leave Belgium for good in about 5 weeks and have a bunch of ripping to do before I leave. Will pick up a Squeezebox on my way thru the US

I’m going to Rip a whole library (almost very nice condition) and play my music from my hard drive drive via a squeezebox - no more CD player. I can buy a “Lite-On CD-RW 523252 IDE Intern Burnproof SOHR5239S” in Belgium. Can you tell me what the “(2S0B)” is that you have included after SOHR5239S above?

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That would be the firmware version.

Firmware on these drives is upgradeable.

I’ve learned something today thanks to you, I didn’t know what a [B]squeezebox[/B] was. :slight_smile:

I’m not going to try to influence you, but personally I find such a piece of equipement terribly expensive for what it basically achieves. I’ll stick with CDs. :cool:

I’m pretty sure that the SOHR5239S will work very well for ripping you collection. :iagree:

My CD player has crapped out totally - it was partly home made. To buy a new one will cost me much more than the Squeezebox for similar sound quality/ convenience. It is the way of the future - CDs are on their way out.


they said the same thing about LP’s and they are still around. Until the music industry gets their act together and the level of broadband penetrance increases in the US, CD’s will probably still be a viable media. At least until the next form.

Agree, it will take time, but in 10 yrs half of us should have 50+mbps. Alternatively, you may go into your music ship and when you buy your music it is downloaded onto a portable storage device (with what even copy write related protection operates at the time).
Records still exist because of sound quality. Doing away with CDs may well result in higher sampling rate recordings becoming more available. Apparently higher sample rates (like SA-CDs) make a difference to sound staging, and in this case the records should be even less popular than they are now.


Actually, I’ve been a bit dim! I have decided to buy a camcorder and will want to burn DVDs as well as rip CDs. Is there one item that does both - although the CD ripping quality gets priority?