The truth about Kalisto's quit

I just posted the article The truth about Kalisto’s quit.

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Here’s the truth to silence all the rumors. This is from the nfo file of the PSX game Polaris SnoCross 2000 released by…

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well, THIS SUX, cuz if the isos rnt made the games r never findable (is this a word ) btw MIRC ROX

wonder wat the reason would be.
r they scared?
but the stock offering doesnt sound that unbelievable to me.
DC wanted to make them quit.
How? With money ofcourse!

mirc rulezz indeed

A new key code from Clonecd

Do u remember Radium for audio distribution? i heard rumor like Steinberg offered them stock options to leave the scene… History repeating…

mIRC sure rocks! But does it really matter what kalisto´s reason for leaving the “dc scene” was? I mean, the isos are still out… :smiley:

Yea the ones that are released are out of course. But the point was future and newer ones.

Well… yes it’s hard to beleive but let’s put it a different way…

  1. Sega probably realised it would cost them less to offer them so-called ‘stock options’ which doesn’t necessarily mean anything too worthwhile, than to file an expensive lawsuit against them which would also cost money to track them down.

  2. Sega may have realised that these guys have some serious talent and know a lot about the Dreamcast, it’s hardware and software, and have superb ripping techniques- all in all could result in some use if they had them on their side instead of ours. They might be able to provide Sega with tips on how to copy protect their software in future, etc.

But… I think all the cracking has done Sega GOOD! Why? Because so many more people have bought the Dreamcast now they know they can either download the games of the net or buy them cheaply from Warez CD stores. I know I’ll be buying one…

DJ Motion
Take care!

Sega earns more on the licenses they sell to softwaredevelopers than on the hardware itself.
That’s the reason why they are against copying.

I also forgot, there are still isos coming out to the scene.
Kalisto may have brought out the most isos, but they sure were not alone.

echolon is kalisto

Thanks for putting me straight- I don’t pretend I know everything, but I like to have a good think about everything I do know