The trial against Jon Johansen starts tomorrow

I just posted the article The trial against Jon Johansen starts tomorrow.

On Monday the trial against the Norwegian teenager Jon Johansen begins. He has been prosecuted for his contribution to the making of DeCSS, the first fully working software that could break the CSS…

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There’s not much point in this. DVD decrypters are widespread now. Even if someone does get in trouble they’re still all over the place.

Yeah, and if someone commits a murder then there’s not much point in prosecuting because it won’t bring the victim back…???

hehe for such a little program the fine will be little too :d gräfdig

It’s a code so hard to break a 15 year old can do it. Not that i’m saying this kid isn’t intelligent, just that it was him vs. a load of company r+d staff on decent wages. It just shows what a crap system CSS is. I would hardly call it “locked” And besides, if you own the DVD then you’re breaking into your OWN property. If that wasn’t the case then under that law all DVD players would be illegal too.

Whoever was responsible for prosecuting Jon Johansen is a horrible person and I hate them. Jon Johansen is a completely innocent person. He did absolutely nothing wrong!!! Once again property is physical not intellectual.

So pretty much, the MPAA is telling us that it is illegal for us to expand our minds and try to do what they thought to be impossible. Maybe the MPAA should have went back to the drawing board and designed a better encryption system. God knows they have the money, but then again the big wigs would rather spend that money on their 25 room homes in 4 or 5 different parts of the world. My thoughts are that we shouldn’t prosecute hackers, but rather follow them. Knowledge is power.

The point here is that Jon never cracked any code, he wrote a lousy VB gui for the code which he got from another member in his group. Even though I support his issue, I want to see him sentenced for this, taking credit for other peoples work (in national media) is not a good thing:). Anyway I’ll post again after the trial has ended it started 30 minutes ago here in Norway:)

btw… that dvdtruth.txt came in the DeCSS zip file. He’s not trying to take the credit for it.

Some murders with complete evidence & will to kill may not need to be prosecuted. If you let them out, they might just do it again & again. Like a piece of paper that’s completely dirty, unwritable. There’s no purpose of wasting such a great opportunity to put him into medical research lab’s human testing object.